Addressing the Positive Effects of the Internet on Our Daily Living



The Internet, ever since the advent of its networking technologies and connection-linkages into the public sphere during the second half of the 20th century, has completely revolutionized our lives in a multitude of ways. From its many positive influences, which include the use of its inter-connected systems for turning the world into a culturally-linked global village, to its more negative societal offshoots – such as the thriving black online economy – it is hard for anyone in this day & age to remain immune from its virtual clutches.

By conducting a thorough search on the different Internet providers like Buckeye Cable in your area (and perhaps even availing the subscription services of a few), you can easily carry out a research assignment of your own to determine the impact (be it good or bad) that the Internet has on the lives of its typical consumers.

What We Set Out To Do…

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For the purposes of writing this post, we decided to conduct such an in-person experiment our self – in order to list a few of the positive ways in which the Internet influences a person’s regular living dynamics. This short listing is a culmination of the many conversations and accounts related to us by real people, and may differ from some of the blogs that you may have read previously on the subject. The most discernable positive impact of Internet usage (felt by the greatest number of people in the study group chosen) is mentioned first, with the least noticeable effect being apportioned the bottom-most placement.

So if you’re interested in learning what people have to say about this issue, we greatly recommend that you read on…and see where you start to relate your own experiences with the results given!

The Internet provides an Unprecedented Availability of Entertaining Content

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Allow us to state, right at the very outset, that this placement initially came off as somewhat of a surprise.

We didn’t anticipate that ‘Entertainment’ (in all its many digital varieties made available through the Internet) could trump all the other online concerns reported by the members of our study group – many of whom were serious professionals who could be mistaken for being superficially thought of as ‘boring workaholics’.

But the truth of the matter is that this conclusion shouldn’t really have come off as a shock, since – let’s face it – the hard trials imposed by the modern world upon each and every one of us practically demand that we engage with some kind of medium to vent out the internal stores of angst within us. And on this front, no cathartic channel competes with the Internet in ushering some much-needed relief into our lives.

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Anyone who has ever experienced the psychologically dislocating effect of a Netflix-streamed Movie or TV Show, or has been rescued by a quality Music Video production on YouTube, or has immersed him/herself into the exciting drama of an intense gaming session, will attest to the validity of this observation.

The Internet proves Invaluable to the Success of ANY New-Age Organizational Endeavor

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All new-age organizations, be they commercially-oriented or non-profit, intrinsically rely on the different interactive utilities made available through the Internet for their smooth functioning. The modern day frenzy of cloud computing, in which Internet users are given with the option of storing all their digital content (in textual, encoded, graphical & motion-picture forms) in virtual memory – that may then be accessed from anywhere – is one such facility. No longer do busy business professionals have to rely on expensive, and easily perishable, hardware gadgetry like flash drives and USB sticks to store all their important files – cloud memory comes both freely and intangibly to the rescue!

Using cloud technology, an entire range of official file formats, such as Word Documents, Spreadsheet Files and PowerPoint templates (some of the classics from Microsoft Corp.), are made instantly available to individual workers within industrial settings – many of whom can collaborate (in real time) in modifying or adding content to a single file. Traditional Internet utilities like email and chat also continue to wield their transformative and definitive influence in offices located all over the world on a daily basis.

The Use of the Internet as a Venting Medium

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Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (to list a few of the more popular ones) comprise some of the more popularly utilized aspects – by billions of people – of the Internet today. These savvy electronic channels, which link individuals with their family, friends, acquaintances and interested strangers prove very handy in allowing them to vent their thoughts and feelings to larger audiences – even though the relief gained from these ‘releasing’ ventures might prove to be short-lived.

In addition to inducing a catharsis, these digital avenues also allow Internet users to publicize their creative sides and gain some public recognition (along with, quite possibly, some cash). Many artists choose to complement their social media profiles with their personal blog portals – which provide interested audiences with a readily accessible gallery of their unique textual, graphic, auditory and/or multimedia productions.

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The Internet provides a Democratic Platform for Cultural Convergence

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As is commonly known, the Internet has played a pivotal role in the drive to connect the world ever more closely, and lead to the establishment of the so-called ‘Global Village’. By linking an individual living in a corner of the far-east to another resident in the cosmopolitan space of New York City – both of whom may be active cultural producers & recipients – the Internet enables a two-way transfer of local cultural codes and psychological cues through its ever-increasing assortment of blog posts and forum accounts. These cultural patterns are then subsequently assimilated into the fabric of other cultures, from where they may make their way into pop-cultural social commentary as well. A variety of Internet Service Providers in your Area are currently engaged in fanning the currents of this phenomenon even further.

Eventually, what this systemic intermixing of cultures does is that it leads to the consolidation of a more tolerant and inclusive world; one where discriminatory practices such as racism and sexism are gradually seen to fall short of their traditional potency.


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