Top 5 Effective link building techniques

Link building is the number one ranking factor according and Google had confirmed it already. Links are the most important factor to get higher ranking on SERP, and I want to show you the other face of the coin. “Link building has almost dead” but for those who failed to adopt the changes. Old tactics of the link building had far gone by, and if you are trying to rank your keyword by having those techniques in mind, let down the idea, before it let you down.

Somehow Link building has become more professional, and one has to go very slow to grab the true benefits of it. I had seen many guys, within two days of launching the website started creating links and got penalties by Google.

I, every time, when needed to rank my keyword on SERP, Pen down all the strategy, what to do and how to, you also should be very clear about your link profile. It will be ideal if you wrote down squares and inches with days and months.

Google Penguin has changed the entire scenario:

It was very Good for the most of the bloggers in past, create a website, grab some links, does not matter where from and how the links are coming, there should be links and you would rank a website.

Before 2012 one could have easily bought the ranking, it was simple easy and manageable to grab any position on Google.

But, it has long gone, Google Penguin Spam filter is now the part of Google Hummingbird, and believe me, it works really.

Can you rank without a backlink?

Now, if you could create some mind-blowing content, and can provide some social shares, it is possible to be on the first page of SERP.

I can say, it is possible, if you provide great user experience, with up to the mark site navigation, you can rank a keyword. But, for low searches and low competitions keywords, for High-competition keyword, you cannot rank on the first page without having a good link profile. Because Google’s Matt Cutts has shown that Links are still the number one ranking factor.

Why Google loves Good Backlinks?

Good qualitative backlinks show that you have been in the market for quite a long time. You have earned trust and

  • Links point to the good content
  • Links are web
  • It reflects the trusts
  • Links are the way, Google can discover you

A Google Officials what responded in 2016, when a question was asked about the importance of links

“I can tell you why are. It is content and it is links pointing to your website”.

I am not going to say, all links are equal. Nowadays, what I found, Links from a different niche does not benefit you most. So one thing is clear, Authority backlinks are still the backbone of the SEO. Make sure before getting backlinks to your website that website have high domain authority and page authority.

Top 5 Effective link building techniques:

As I mentioned all backlinks are not the same, you need to be very careful and cautious while creating backlinks. If possible write down all the backlinks what you have made, in Excel sheet. And monitor all the backlinks regularly, check if the backlinks are providing traffic to your blog or not.

Link exchange:

You would have read much about reciprocal links are bad for SEO, but there is not mentioned on anywhere in Google link scheme.

But, what I found it very helpful, the link should be genuine, niche related and not from link stuffed web pages. Reciprocal links are very helpful do not under-estimate them, but check the anchor texts and the spam score first.

Article marketing:

One of my favorite and easiest ways to get a good quality backlinks, I found the process very interesting, as you get the chance to get engaged with the audience of some other websites. If you got something within you, you can get benefits from this strategy.

You can market your content easily, but it should be informative and should have quality in it.

Otherwise, stuffed content with useless discussion cannot find any place anywhere on the web.

There are thousands of the article directories and most of the Good websites want good content marketers to put content on their blogs. As unique and attractive content is the most wanted thing on the web. If you have more than 2 blogs and you want to market multiple articles then it will be tough for you to write bulk articles. Some high quality text rewriters can help you to generate quality articles.

Social Sharing:

Do not every exclude social sharing from your link building strategies. But, I would go one step ahead- you even can rank your keyword (low competition) with just sharing on Social sites.

So, always create social profiles, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are the most effective platform to gather the Good amount of traffic plus Quality backlinks.

Update your Social media profiles, and be active on there, respond to your customers when someone of them provides feedback there.

If possible then you can go one step ahead- should boost your content on Facebook to get the desired market.

Forum and BlogSpot commenting:

Blog commenting is the most used and free way to get good quality backlinks.

But, you should participate in the active discussion and should provide value to the readers, at the end if you drop your links to enhance your point in there, no blogger would mind this.

Blog commenting should be niche related, and traffic should be generated from that backlinks, otherwise, if you do use it excessively, should understand, Google Penguin is also there to check it.

And if you come into the circle, you will lose all that you had earned on Web and the Website will be de-indexed completely. Should check before creating links, if there are almost all commentators dropping links, you do not drop your link there.

Most of the guys, what I have found, think only do-follow links are the best link to increase the weight in link building. All do-follow backlinks also can harm your link building profile; there should be all types of backlinks.

Submit your website to Trustworthy Web directories

There are many web directories which provide no values to the users and Google had excluded them from Good quality web directories. You need to check, if the web directory really solving the issue, and put values in the lives of the people.

If you confirmed the characteristics which I mentioned, without of any harm, you can get backlinks from there.

But, once again, one should actively participate in there – do not do just drop the link and forget it. All web directories are not bad; you can attach your personal and professional information there to make your profile look real. The directory from where you are going to get backlink should be niche related, and people should have visited there to find the solutions.

At the end, it is all about content- whatever you had been making in the name of backlinks, the website or customers landed on your website. If you do not provide values to your customers, site navigation is not up to the mark you are not going to get anything from your users.

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