How to Pick the Best Content Marketing Platform?

What prevails as the backbone of your entire digital marketing strategy? Content, right?

Indeed, in its absence, your business’s virtual life apparently comes to a standstill, nullifying the tasks of:

  1. Website going live
  2. Creation and in effect, transmission of promotional mails
  3. Devising Drip Campaigns for potential leads
  4. Profile launch at the most effective social media domains
  5. Campaigning across the Net through potential Ad tools
  6. Offering exciting landing page offers to customers (since without content there exists no ‘page’ at all)
  7. Tracking and analyzing lead scoring

Thus, as upholds a preeminent content marketing agency singapore, having at disposal quality and consistent volumes of content, is the prime endeavor you must undertake to remain ‘in the scene’ at the Internet.

And, since the competition is with 1.8billion+ websites, you need to market that too in a real savvy maneuver.

But, even after putting on the best of endeavors, hours of planning and optimum resources, don’t there always appear certain obstacles regarding the full-fledged functioning of your content marketing model?

Are Those the Shortcomings Over

  • Crafting sufficient and classy content by a weekly or fortnight pace
  • Strategic distribution of the ‘pieces’ throughout the highly productive platforms
  • Time-defined publication and endorsement of the same
  • Adept synchronization between the total team and workflow beginning from brainstorming to creation and marketing
  • Assessing influence of respective content on creating user engagement, facilitating lead generation and driving real-time sales
  • Gaining one transparent and data-based insight into the annual ROI brought home by content marketing

Well, what states the pro content editor of Vision Web Creations; you are not the sole sufferer.

The afore-mentioned aspects dwell as the fundamental challenges for every content marketer across the borders.

However, isn’t there any solution to this end? Certainly, there exists a fitting ‘fix’ for these difficulties and goes by the name of CMP or Content Marketing Platform.

The Functioning Essence of CMP

This is a definite marketing software, which adds pace and perfects each of the above-mentioned tasks – till now appearing as ‘challenges’ to your content marketing model.

Veteran marketers around the world vow in favor of CMP, principally for its potentiality to –

  • Channelize content down to the sales funnel in the exactly effective style but by an effortless fashion
  • Nurture quality leads by making the most suiting contents readily available for them to surf through
  • Create more scopes for conversion, through perfect content distribution, and consequent increase in profit
  • Offer marketers a most apt and data-oriented approach to manage the execution of their entire content network and measure its worthwhile-ness for business’s progress
  • Facilitate multi-channel promotion by a perfectly scalable manner
  • Champion perfect accomplishment of content marketing’s those four vital stages – Strategy, Creation, Circulation and Analysis

In accordance to a reputed content marketing agency Singapore, in the present times, when

  • consumers’ needs are complex
  • their behaviors and preferences keep on changing
  • new and futuristic content trends continue to ‘peep in’
  • rivalry from other brands becomes overwhelming

not only for the ‘dream’ of success, but for the very sustenance of your content marketing infrastructure and acquiring standardized productivity from it, you require a CMP, most suiting to your content model’s and, in effect, overall business’s essence.

The Strategy of Choosing One

Nevertheless, recognize the reality that there exist around 100+ accredited vendors claiming to offer an upscale CMP for your content marketing’s every requisite and solution.

Then, what is the way to access the authentically ‘fit’ model for your definite needs? Focus over the smart tips accounted in here –

Convenient for You to Use and Not Appearing Too Complex

In the opinion of Michael Williams, ex-CEO of Formula 1 Grand Prix (USA), when it comes to the question of investment over technology, the motive should not be to gain the most ahead-of-time one.

Rather, as Williams opines, attempt to acquire that ‘hack’ which lets you serve the target market in a smarter and speedier style and turns profitable for your long-term business goals.

Apply the same rule while opting for a CMP. Cross-check the aspects like –

  1. With how much ease and deftness, via the tool, you can administer the entire process starting from content writing, involving its formatting and uploading and ending upon marketing analysis
  2. What level of training (inclusive of required time and resources) your team needs to get savvy over it
  3. Whether or not the platform comprises certain perceptive traits such as readily usable, custom-made templates, fast syncing in with different sorts of videos, podcasts and graphics, user-friendly editing etc
  4. Availability of hassle-free improvement and modification features that permits to fine-tune contents as per consumers’ pursuits and thereupon multiply engagement quotient of own site

Presence of Some Most Serviceable Features Such As

  1. Editorial Calendar to arrange, index and assign your scheduled content creation plan across the team
  2. Connection with Content Creators that lets you communicate with famous writers and bloggers through the very software
  3. Ideation facilitating the involved workforce to conceive, discuss and share topics and subjects within one another
  4. Content Auditing, which ‘marks out’ the loopholes at your content strategy in a far more budgetary and speedier way than would have required a manual auditing
  5. Post-Download Engagement  that lets you trail upon users’ activity with content downloaded from your site
  6. Asset Library Management offering a centralized archive that keeps all contents right ‘in front of eyes’
  7. Sales Enablement for preserving each potential-to-convert content in a simple but safe database, alerting (through customized, auto notifications) sales team upon each new upload and permitting them to directly attach content to marketing mails
  8. Custom Reporting to know exactly by how many ways the CPM is able to segment user data and run analysis

How Well It Integrates

Since content marketing is inherently linked with other crucial aspects of the internet promotion model, it is indispensable for the selected CPM to fittingly attune with your other deployed marketing ‘tweaks’ like

  • CRM
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Social Media Optimization Strategy
  • E-mail Apps (if those are the popular ones like Outlook, ProtonMail, Gmail, etc)
  • CMS (when it is a well-known domain of WordPress/ Hubspot/Wix)
  • The Content Repository

If It Leads to A Collaborative Work Environment

While executing own content marketing strategy, haven’t you experienced work backlogs or failure to commit to deadlines simply because of a lack of synchronized communication within the team? Quite often, right? It is the inherent function of a CMP to let you overcome just this obstacle. The

software provides for a consolidated interactive platform that supports you to –

  1. Keep an adept track over the work progress within the team and maintain a smoother flow of communication
  2. Assign writing and promotional projects to individual member in a speedier and smart style than the manual manner
  3. Flawlessly distribute content and significant data across your entire marketing network
  4. Manage role-based access to the content library and set permissions according to job role
  5. Effortlessly execute editing and updating works over the live site

However, all CMPs do not comprise each of the features. So, cross-check with your vendor to ensure if or not his offered software covers the afore-mentioned bucket list.

Is the Software Universal?

In accordance to a prestigious content marketing agency Singapore, every quality CMP should be able to get compatible with–

  • varied content patterns ranging from brand-video to infographics and blog posts to e-books
  • every source be it in-house/user-generated/out-sourced
  • any foreign content
  • popular distribution channels like social platforms, guest blogging, mail applications, native and paid advertisement platforms

and offer smoothest delivery of your pieces over every existing PC and handheld device.

The Analytics Power

One of the prime reasons, a CMP is suggested to you, right? Then, acquire assurance that the shortlisted CMP is fit to analyze every upcoming marketing data –in both a broader spectrum and specific maneuver.

It must be able to check upon –

  • Performance of individual content to generate engagement
  • Which are the features of successful contents (& the sorts) that are catching attention
  • Exact position of customers in the sales funnel
  • What marketing efforts are, in particular, leading to lead generation
  • Pursue activity of potential leads in the entire purchase process
  • Content marketing’s direct role in revenue growth

And, as Golden-Rules –

  1. Customization level offered
  2. Support Frequency the Vendor is able to Provide
  3. Convenience regarding Updating
  4. Limit of adding contents/ customers and the fees required to pay after that
  5. Vendor’s Legal Accreditation
  6. If the ‘Demo’ is being able to satisfy your entrepreneurial ‘gut’

Hopeful and progressive content marketing to you!


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