How to setup your WordPress event registration?

Are you looking to sell tickets online through your wordpress website?  Many people ask how they can create an event registration page on their website, allow the audience to sign up and buy tickets for their upcoming events. They want an easy and effective method to get the job done which help them receive online payments from the customer as well. In these articles, we will guide you how easily you can create an event registration on your wordpress website and sell tickets for your events.

How to setup your WordPress event registration?
How to setup your WordPress event registration?

Why should you create your WordPress event registration?

As the digital business growing each day and they are also organizing various events, they require event themes, grids, and registration on their website.

It allows them to attract the audience all over the world, precisely the audience interested in the attending it. Unlike selling tickets on a counter, you can sell it on your website. This event registration helps the business to sell tickets in no time, share its details on social media as well as get the payment online at the same time.

How can I setup WordPress event registration?

You can get the WordPress event registration form by two methods, either get an event theme plugin installed on your WordPress website or go with the traditional method of creating the event registration form by yourself.

Third party Event themes plugins and registration forms:

There are many third party setups available for your WordPress event registration that can help you setup registration and ticketing tools for your website; you can also include Facebook events to your website.

But some third-party event ticketing and registration services may charge some fee from the tickets you sell or cost you a fee for monthly or yearly use. Therefore,  you may get less profit than you have estimated.

Otherwise, these plugins are helpful, easy and simple to use. Not only they have a complete design for your events but also have a variety of choices to select from which allows you to make your event registration as per your event requirement and business needs. It also provides you with multiple elements to chose from, which helps you customize your event’s registration according to your choice and helps you give complete information to your audience.

How to set up your WordPress event registration using third-party event themes plugin?

The third party event plugins are much easier to create an event registration form. All you need to do is install your favorite event theme plugin and select the event registration form according to your business requirement and event. Customize it by the elements given on the list and make a grid with da rag and drop option. Include the payment method, currency, location, and map from the options av,ailable. You can also select the business and get the pre-designed registration forms which can be created in clicks. I,f you need any particular information, you can add, delete or customize the details by selecting from the available options.

Creating an event registration page using WordPress:

The other method to get the event registration form or page is to do it through WPForms. It is a paid plugin which helps you install the WordPress event registration form and add the online payment options through credit card and P,ayPal. It also cut your time short and does the job efficiently.

Steps to get an event registration page using WPForms:

  1. First of all install, the WPForm plugin forms the WordPress admin area.
  2. Now click on the Add new button given on the page.
  3. You now need to enter the title of the event registration form and use any template you want to use as the template of Billing / Order Form before continuing.
  4. You will now see a basic online order form which has the basic information like the name, email. Address etc. of your audience. You may add, delete and customize this form according to your event needs.
  5. Now add the ticket by changing the label either describe it as a ticket to attendees.
  6. You need to add the payment method on your event registration form and the price calculator where the users can see the Total amount they will pay.
  7. Add the payment tabs by clicking on the link of “add-ons page,” here you will see the options like Stripe, PayPal or any other. You can either install one which you like or both if you have a facility.
  8. Now activate them by installing them.
  9. Once these payment services are installed, you need to go back to Payment section and configure the payment services with your form and enable it.
  10. After that, you need to add your PayPal details kike mode. Payment type, email address to configure your event registration form with your PayPal account so that your payment falls in your account.
  11. You need to add the notification by going to Settings, Notification and clicking on the Add New Notification.
  12. Select the email address and smart tags so that your users get the tickets receipts.
  13. Once you are done, you need to save changes and close the event form builder. So that your page displays on the WordPress website.
  14. Go to pages and select add forms which allow you to insert your event registration form on your website and display as you like.

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