8 Best Presents for Your Dog

It’s hard to forget someone when holidays or special celebrations come around. One member of the family that can get overlooked within the craziness of it all are the four-legged tail waggers. But what exactly do you get Fido? You could go with a dog bowl or a collar, but is that really enjoyable for your pet? In this article, we will look at the eight best presents that your dog will go crazy for!

These gifts include the:

  1. Kong Wobbler

  2. Kong Scrunch Knots Squirrel

  3. Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

  4. Aussie Dog Buddy Ball

  5. Deluxe Dog Bed with High Back Support

  6. Sleeping Dog Pyjamas

  7. Chicken Trainups with Lamb

  8. Evolution “A Treat with a Purpose” Dental Chews

Let’s break each of these presents down and see if they are the best fit for your dog!

  1. Kong Wobbler (Large)

Cost: $55 USD ($39 sale price)

Brief description: Kong-shaped toy that wobbles and dispenses treats when Fido engages in play.


• Moves and wobbles to keep your dog entertained longer.

• Stores treats for an engaging play session.

• Encourages a dog to use its brain to get the treats out.

• Provides a slow-feeder option for dogs that eat too quickly.

• Made from durable material.

Best for: Avid chewers, dogs kept at home, fast eaters.

  1. Kong Scrunch Knots Squirrel

Cost: $29 USD ($24 sale price)

Brief description: Soft plush squirrel with an internal knot for realistic movement and added squeaker inside.


• Soft material for chewing.

• Stretchy sides to offer versatility during play time.

• Squeaker included to add a sense of excitement.

• No stuffing inside to limit the amount of mess.

• Realistic design that caters to a dog’s natural instincts.

Best for: Indoor pets, soft-mouthed or gentle dogs.

  1. Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

Cost: $59 USD ($39 sale price)

Brief description: Dog puzzle toy with slots that have to be moved in order to get to a tasty treat inside.


• Eight slots to hide treats into for your dog to find.

• Provides mental stimulation and problem-solving skills.

• Adds another level of excitement during mealtime.

• Easy to remove and clean with warm soapy water.

• Improves paw-eye coordination.

• Locks the food into slots for added durability.

Best for: Indoor pets, bored animals, fast eaters.

  1. Aussie Dog Buddy Ball

Cost: $49.99 USD ($34 sale price)

Brief description: Treat dispensing soft balls that dogs like to chew on, chase after, and mouth for stimulation of the senses.


• Durable material for dogs that tend to chew.

• Design stimulates chewing for improved dental hygiene.

• Cavity within the ball to place treats for a challenging dispenser.

• Provides mental and physical stimulation.

Best for: Indoor pets, dogs that need stimulation.

  1. Deluxe Dog Bed with High Back Support

Cost: 109$ USD ($59 sale price)

Brief description: Dog bed with high sides and back for additional support while including a plushy bottom cushion.


• Easy to throw in the washer for routine cleaning with a zipper closure.

• Higher edges and back cushions for additional support.

• Soft pillows on the bottom for a plushy surface to lay on.

• Waterproof material in case of accidents.

Best for: Dogs of all sizes, ages, and energy levels.

  1. Sleeping Dog Pyjamas

Cost: $69.99 USD ($34 sale price)

Brief description: Thin, red fleece-lined sweater for your dog to wear both indoor and outdoor with a Motif design featured on the back.


• Pull over design to avoid the hassle of straps.

• Polyester and hypo allergenic material made specifically for dogs who are susceptible to skin allergies.

• Machine washable for easy care.

• Sleek textile to be worn indoors and out on a walk.

Best for: Short-haired breeds, sleepwear, thin sweater.

  1. Chicken Trainups with Lamb

Cost: $89 USD ($69 sale price)

Brief description: 150 milligrams of bite-sized treats with Australian lamb.


• Small sized treats to aid in training and positive reinforcement.

• Soft, chewy ingredients to make it easier for your dog to chew.

• Free of gluten and grain with protein such as lamb and chicken meat.

• Provides both essential vitamins and minerals.

Best for: Adult dogs, training, positive reinforcement.

  1. Evolution “A Treat with a Purpose” Dental Chews

Brief description: Dental sticks made with vegetables and wild berry antioxidants.

Cost: $69 USD ($54 sale price)


• Star-shaped pattern encourages chewing for improved dental hygiene.

• Individually wrapped pieces so as to remain fresh.

• Gluten and meat free and low in fat.

• Contains real vegetables for added nutrition and taste.

Best for: Dogs of any age, dental hygiene, positive reinforcement.

Providing the right gift for your dog doesn’t have to be challenging! There are plenty of ideas that Fido will be quite happy with, such as dog beds or squeaky toys.

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