Things to consider before installing a society management software

The kind/type of society chosen can affect the way the community tasks are being handled or functioned. So making the right choice is very important, but on what terms do you decide it to be the right one? Do you have a checklist to look at? If not, then we got you covered. This article lists out the major aspects to be considered before adopting or installing a society management software in the housing society.

Needs to have good usability

This plays a major role in every product or system, be it small or a life changing solution. If the end users are not able to use or operate the system then it is of no use. Go for the one which is simple and can be understood by any one. Because in a society, there are different types of people who will use the software, from guards to residents to the committee members, they should be able to swiftly navigate from one page to another. If you are still skeptical about it, go ahead with the trial version first to understand how the society is receiving it, are they comfortable? are they loving it? Based on the answers to these questions you can determine whether to go ahead or not.

Should offer top-notch features

By top-notch features we mean a software which offers different types of features which serve both security and community needs of a society. It is important to conduct a detailed research on these features to understand which of them are actually useful for your society. Another way is to identify the problem areas of the society and then choose a software which provides the solution to these.

Should provide organized view

Who doesn’t want to have an organized and structured view of the tasks? However, not every software provides you a detailed and organized view of the community tasks. Look for a system that provides a single dashboard to monitor and schedule all the tasks. For example, a software which has 3 sections, one for viewing the tasks, one for inprocess tasks and one for completed tasks. This way you can keep a tab on all the tasks and chores of the society.

Needs to have wider accessibility

Most of the software today are built with huge and bulky hardware which is quite difficult to access without a professional’s help. It gets really difficult when there is any problem with the system. Instead, look for one that doesn’t require any huge hardware and can be accessed on tips, just like a mobile-based application. The best part is, it can be accessed on the go, from anywhere and at anytime.

Should instantly notify

Who would not like to have a regular update about their house? Most of the residents today expect to have real-time notifications of all the tasks that happen in and around the community such as entry/exit of the visitors, daily help’s attendance, notifs about society accounts, etc.

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