Photography Equipment: The Battle of Aesthetics Needs Its own Weapons

Art is an expression which has many mediums. But no medium dominates the virtual mode of art as much as photography. Especially in today’s world, where everything is projected, demonstrated and publicized through impactful and eye catching photographs. May it be on internet, television or even in the little print media we have left. We see engaging and beautifully taken pictures all day long. Hence, along with the revolutionary evaluation in the field of photography, the numbers of tools has increased to provide the ease in the procedures and to reach the level of excellence in photography which is now the standard.

This has eventually made the job for photographers both easy and difficult. On one side, every gadget, tool, device and software adds fineness and comfort in their tasks yet it also forces them to make some very hard choices too. Just like the field itself, the variety of tools used for photography now are infinite. Leave the thousands of lenses, tripods, lights, flashes, camera bodies, covers and other equipment, there are hundreds of types and options for cameras alone on online shopping in Pakistan.


But of course there is a limit to the number of camera’s you or anybody can buy. So what photographers do is to buy an extended range of lenses instead to have the perfect click in multi types of photography. As photography has many sections such as food photography, fashion photography, portraits, street photography, low key photography, Speed photography, wild life photography and many more. So how could one possibly take good photographs with only one camera or God forbid only one lens, in all or even two different fields?

Some basic lenses which you can experiment with initially are zoom lenses, prime lenses or wide angle lenses. The most preferred are Nikon lenses due to their quality results and excellent range. Nikon lens price in Pakistan can vary from each lenses according to its quality and usage.


Ever since photography has taken a major shift from analog to digital and DSLRs has stepped into the professional industry, everything has been changed. Now there are unlimited amount of camera having different specifications and features. But for beginners canon 1200d is suggested. Canon 1200d price in Pakistan is pretty affordable and be worth giving to learn the basic skills.

Other Equipment

Remember there are not only camera and lenses you need when you have to work professionally. These includes tripods, lights, flashes, camera bodies and many other equipment that you are going to use to have the professional reflection in your photography.

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