Buying Guide for Smartwatch for Men

Buying Guide for Smartwatch for Men

Smartwatch serves many purposes more than just telling time. It works as as a front end for a remote system like smartphone and allowing communicating with the smartphone using different wireless method.

Technological advances has improved early made smartwatch especially in the design, battery capacity, and also health related applications equipped in them has increased their demand in recent years. In these buying guide you will get to know, what must be focused on to select the right smartwatch for men/women. This buying guide will help you to know what you should know before buying any smartwatch. So without any delay let’s start:

Why you need smartwatch?

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Smartwatches are basically designed for transferring information from your smartphone to your wrist. One can easily see their notification received, calls, messages and do a lot more without even carrying the phone. These smartwatches or touchscreen wearable computers comes in different variations including fitness trackers, standalone watches, traditional watches, classic watches, companion watches and many more provided by great companies.

It all depends on the need of yours that what kind of watch you should choose. Companion smartwatches offer you a plethora of features to use while staying away from the phone, you pair them with each other and then you are ready to have fun with your watch. Standalone watches are independent of wireless imitations, so you can use your watch just like the smartphone. Make sure you know actually what you will do with watch and then buy.

Things you should consider

Don’t blindly listen to your friends, going with their opinion can lead you to purchase a useless watch. Maybe sometimes they can be correct though you must not waste your money without knowing exactly the things to be taken care of. There are several factors to be kept in mind while you are thinking to shop a watch.

Design and Style

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When it comes to design and style, men want the one that meets their personality and represent themselves. It’s their own choice so saying anything about this is difficult. As there are wide choices of smartwatches the difference between them can be figure out with what kind of material is used, how the face of the watch is.


Compatibility matters the most when you want to buy a smartwatch specially companion watches. You must understand this, not all smartwatch will work with all the smartphones. Some watches are compatible with both Android as well as iPhones but there are watched too that works on only one platform. The best example is Apple’s watch which is not compatible with Android. Many of the watches you see are running on Android wear and they are only compatible with Android. However, you can go for pebble that is compatible with both the platforms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have voice command and colourful touchscreen display. Moreover, there is samsung gear watches and many other that you can choose from.


Every smartwatch has almost the same software features, it’s the hardware that need your focus while buying a smartwatch. Many watches come with water resistant features, if you like to wear the watch all the time then this feature must be in the watch. You can go for swimming without caring any damage to your device. Also, battery life is an important thing because without it, you can’t even see the time. Seek for that smartwatch which lasts for minimum two days. And, if touchscreen feature will be present on your device then sliding notifications or dismissal of message can be done quickly. Furthermore, it’s essential to choose a smartwatch that you’ll feel comfortable wearing every day.

Some of the additional features equipped in the watch also matters like voice control, music, GPS, apps etc.

Best smartwatches for men

If even after reading this guide, if you aren’t able to figure out your choice then here is a best of them as per our research.

Motorola Moto 360 2nd gen

It is compatible with both the Android and iOS device and sported with 1.37-inch IPS LCD display. Also, it is packed with powerful quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor that allow the Android Wear run effortlessly.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple’s first smartwatch that has built-in LTE connection. It comes with dual-core S3 processor.The battery of this device lasts for two days when synced with the iPhone and too less while working solo.

FitBit’s Iconic Smartwatch

If you are searching for a smartwatch with longer battery life then this one is perfect for you. It’s battery last for 3-5 days but rely on the usage of GPS. FitBit Iconic Smartwatch has square and large face and also it has a sleek look to tempt eyes.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung gear S3 is available in two series including Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Samsung Gear S3 Classic. Both are dust and shock proof. In addition, they are water resistant too, and able to track your fitness.


Irrespective of the size, many smartphones companies are making apps for smartwatches, and in the future, there is hundred percent possibility of growing smartwatch market. I hope this guide helped you to make the best choice

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