Benefits of Having a 18V Drill Driver in Your Toolbox

In the past days, people were using the driller which consists of large electrical power cord which needs to be plugged in to drill any walls or to drive screws, etc., this is a more time taking a task and includes some risks.

But the advancement in the drill made the job very easy and convenient. The cordless drill driver made drilling very efficient with added features.

The cordless drill with 9.5 volts came out and was famous for a certain time because of its cordless benefits thou the drill lack some in power.

Then came the 18 volts’ cordless drill with a powerful output and proved that it is best for all home repairs and simple works with its benefits.

18v Li-ion becomes very famous due to its cordless power tools. It ensures that there is no stress on your wrist while working and you can do the drilling and drive quickly.

The 18v cordless drill driver is excellent and works more robustly than lower voltage versions. There are many new advanced models in the 18v tools that make life even easier. Paying extra for such an efficient driller is worthy.

The recommendations for 18v cordless drill are weight, battery runtime, speed, power, best handling, comfortable and convenient use.

While there are many cordless drills available in the market, 18v is the most preferred one. The 18v cordless drill can do any job easily, but it depends on the model too.

You can find the 18v drill in different sizes and models. It is up to you to select the best one for you depending on your needs. Some may prefer compact sized drill if they work in a confined area. Check the battery and warranty while buying a cordless drill driver. The 18v models come in a different model with different accessories.

18v Lithium-ion Drill Driver:

The 18v Lithium-ion Drill Driver comes with additional battery, one storage box, and 160 accessories.

Features and benefits:

  • Efficient for all drilling and screwing applications
  • Variable speed
  • Ultimate fingertip control
  • 11 position clutch to drive screws into different materials in different sizes
  • Anti-slip grip for comfortable drilling
  • Spring loaded slide pack battery system for a secure fit and to change the battery easily
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Cordless power

Makita XPH012 18v LXT:

  • 4.0 Weight
  • Excellent for drilling and driving
  • Adjustable 2- speed model for a wide range of applications
  • Compact design
  • Half inch hammer driver

Bosch CLPK232A-181:

  • It consists of drill, impact driver, charger and two batteries
  • The DDS181 is the advanced version
  • Compact and 7 inches long
  • Weights 3.5 pounds
  • Canned motor which occupies less space
  • LED work light at the foot of the driller
  • Half inch drill with heavy-duty keyless chuck
  • The motor is covered with the Bosch’s Durashield housing to protect from dust and humidity.
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Dewalt DCD771C2:

  • It is lightweight frill and driver
  • Safe for handyman
  • Available with two 20 volts’ batteries along with a carry bag
  • 300 watts’ motor for a powerful drilling
  • 2- speed transmission
  • Half inch chuck

This is all about the 18 volts’ drill and driver. You can buy any of the best 18 volts’ frill driver and get real satisfaction.

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