Is it worth buying an Expensive Phone?

Normally the criteria to select any gadget we want to buy is based on many factors but in the end, it all boils down to its application and the price. What we have generally seen while buying our gadgets is that when there are more features, then the chances of its price being on the higher side also increases. And so, over time this became our standard for making decisions for almost every gadget we wanted to purchase. If we want to buy a smartphone we look for its features and if it has excellent features then corresponding to that the price will be higher as well. Similarly, when we are buying a smartphone we tend to follow these trends blindly but this article will make you believe that we have been wrong all along the way.

Difference between mid-range and high-end smartphones – Increasing or Decreasing?

Is it worth buying an Expensive Phone?

Let’s start with the comparison of the mid-range smartphones with the high-end ones. When mobile phones had just come out if someone would buy a phone from the affordable range they had to deal with an out-of-date operating system, sluggish performance and a poor camera which could easily be outperformed by the webcam present in front of your laptop. This situation has evolved and the smartphones that we get these days have full HD screens, great performance that will make you want to use your phone on a regular basis and cameras that will let you shoot pictures with the best clarity. Consider brands like Lenovo (Lenovo K8 Note) and Panasonic smartphones (Panasonic Eluga Ray 700) that fulfill all these requirements with a claim of providing the best budget phones.

Upgrade in exchange of money?

When the next phone in a particular series is launched, it is supposed to be better than the previous one. Lately, this has not been the case. Brands just change a feature or two in their newest version and increase the price manifolds. This has become a trend in the market these days, a little upgrade here, a little feature enhancement there and the prices skyrocket.

Travelling or buying an expensive phone or both?

Instead of buying an expensive flagship smartphone, would you prefer taking a vacation? Or instead of traveling to your dream destination would you buy a costly smartphone? Rather than going for just one pick both the options, especially when you can get a smartphone with almost the same features at a much lesser price and still be able to travel to the place you want to.

Spend Smartly

Also, it is a known fact that any smartphone in the entire world lasts up to 2-3 years maximum. Keeping this point in mind, it becomes clear that whether it is a mid-range smartphone or high-end one, all of them will last for exactly the same amount of time. And with the likes of Xiaomi India, Panasonic India making affordable and high-specs smartphones, you would not really be keen on buying expensive flagship phones.

Think of the future in your present

Imagine buying an expensive phone, would you feel like replacing it after a year? No, right? That’s because after spending loads of cash it wouldn’t really make any sense to move on to

another phone so soon. This is where an affordable phone will give you the option to experiment with as much as you like. This doesn’t imply that a mid-range phone won’t work well but you get the space to try new phones instead of sticking to just one because you spent a lot of money on it. And what’s more are the features which are similar in both the smartphones.

Avoid technical issues the easy way

More costly the smartphone, costlier would be its replacement price. We all have been there where some unknown technical issue pops up on our phones and we have no clue how to make it work again. Or imagine breaking the screen of your phone, it would cost you a fortune to get it replaced and get in working condition once again.

With each passing year, the choice of cheaper and better-valued phones get wider and so making a smart decision is the way to go. We are not saying that buying high-end phones is not a smart decision instead we are saying that buying a mid-range smartphone would be a smarter one.


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