What can you do with Google Analytics?

What can you do with Google Analytics

Google Analytics offered by Google is a free website analytics service that allows you approach to how users find and use your website. Google Analytics helps to make decisions based on data available. Google Analytics categorizes data into the three forms:

  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

Acquisition refers towards the way to how you get website traffic. It allows you to use acquisition reports to see how your traffic arrives at your site. Acquisition reports are a great way to look next to which boulevard are best for bringing traffic to your site and getting certain actions to happen. By means of the other views, you are allowed to look at different types of traffic. Theimmensely wonderful thing about Google Analytics is that how it amalgamates with other tools. You can also incorporate with the Search Console to see how your landing pages are working.

The behavior gives all information about seeing what visitors are actually doing on your website. By using these reports, you can assess the performance of your website content and determine if your visitors are doing that you want them to do.You will see an overview when you first access the Behavior tab; this view gives you a detailed graph showing the amount of traffic your website received.

Make out your most vital analytics

If there is more than one piece of data,you want to see at a quick look every time you login to your analytics account you can set it up in the dashboards area.

You can create numerous dashboards, each of which can contain several widgets, if you want to create a new dashboard, simply go to dashboards optionin the menu bar of your analytics and then select new dashboard. Then you can add your widgets.

The best feature of the dashboards is that you can change the date range and see all of your widgets updated with that date range’s data. This is grand if you want to see an overview of stats for traffic and other metrics and goals all in one place.

Settle on where your best visitors are located

Whileadvertising through Google, Facebook, or other servicesyou have noticed that it is an overwhelming task to determine who you should aimat during your ad setups. Google Analytics allows you to simply look under your visitor’s menu to see the location demographics of your visitors. You can add the five basic GA add-ons which can help your new business to flourish.

Gain knowledge of what people are searching on your site

Many users know how to find the keywords that bring visitors to their sites from search engines. If the website you have made has a search box, go forward and perform a search to see the URL of the search results, once you have this for your site, click on the settings wheel icon located in the top right corner of your Google Analytics menu bar and find your Profile Settings.After this go to Site Search Settings, select the option to track the site search and enter the query parameter.

If you want to check the results of this setup, you ought to go to the Content menu and then to site Search area. Under the section of site usage, you can see what terms are users searching for, if visitors sophisticated their search or continued browsing your site or exited which will let you know that what they are finding for or what they want. Below these pages, you can see which pages people are upon when they decide to use the search characteristic. If you click on each page, you can see what terms the users searched for.

Visualize what people snap on the most

If you are curious where people are making the most clicks on your site, then the In-Page Analytics under the content menu will pull upbeat your website in the Analytics browser with information of the percentage of clicks that have done on each internal link present on your site.

Unleash your top content

If you want to know which pages keep your visitors on your website the longestor have the lowest bounce rate, irritating the user, then you can see this rapidly by going to the Content menu and selecting Pagesbelow site Content.

Identify pages with worst performance

A few items down in the content menu from your top pages are your top exit pages. This will tell you how many people did arrive and exit on a particular page. Here you can easily identify the pages with the worst performance.

Conclude where people ditch the shopping cart

If your website has a multiple step checkout process,you should setup a goal for your website using a feature of Goal Funnel.For this click on the settings wheel icon and click on Goals. Now create a new goal with the Goal Typeof URL Destination. First,you enter the basic goal details including the final URL of the checkout process, after this check the Use funnel box to enter each of the URLs that keeps up a correspondence to the steps that a visitor must take while purchasing an item. So, this type of setup will allow you to be able of viewing reports showing you when people abandon their shopping cart during their purchasing process.

Keep an eye if you need a mobile site

Do you want to have a mobile version of the website you have been using through desktop? You can find it under the visitor’smenu. Here you can find a mobile option where you can recognize all the ways to a specific device and the percentage of your total visits that are madefrom a mobile device. Here the key on this screen is looking at the average time on site and the bounce rate. In the case, if your average time on site is lowerthan and the bounce rate is higher than your overall numbers, then you will come to know that you are losing much of your mobile traffic.

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