Best Tips for Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads

AdWords Expanded Text AdsWith their introduction as the default ad format in Google AdWords, expanded text ads have been offering advertisers more space to provide useful information and make a value proposition. AdWords management professionals have spent a considerable amount of time testing ad copies with expanded text ad format and have developed best practices for implementing them.

Here’s a list of what you should be doing to drive CTRs

Create Fresh, Meaningful Content

Expanded text ads allow advertisers to utilize more number of characters in different fields. You have two headlines of up to thirty characters and a single 80 character description field. Instead of revamping old content to fit into the new format, use the additional character limit to make a new value proposition or a new call-to-action. A professional Google AdWords agency may think about what makes your product unique and appeal to a user’s emotions in order to create a fresh, new ad.

Focus on Headlines

Even though the description field offers the maximum character limit, you should focus on the messaging of the first two headlines of the expanded text ad – these are the first things that catch users’ eyes when they see your ad and play a key role in improving CTR. When you’re testing new ad copy, pay attention to the performance of headlines.

Prioritize First Headline

Between the two headlines, the first headline should get priority of attention. The placement of the second headline is ambiguous – it can appear on the same line as the first one, it may appear after a line break and sometimes Google may truncate it. With no guarantee as to how a second line will be displayed, it’s best to include vital information in the first headline.

Let Standard Text Ads Run While Transitioning

Even though expanded text ads are the only format available for new creations and editions, your existing traditional text ads will continue to serve along with them. You have the power to pause and enable them. As it is still early days for expanded text ads and standard text ads may outperform the new versions initially, expert AdWords management professionals do not recommend pausing them till expanded text ads start showing solid results. Keep testing expanded text ads till you’re able to find better performing variations.

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Ensure Seamless Performance across Devices

Another feature of expanded text ads is that they are mobile optimized. Advertisers no longer have to select device preference for running an expanded text ad or create mobile optimized ads. It’s more important than ever before to ensure you’re showing the same messaging for all device platforms – desktops, tablets and mobiles. White label PPC management experts make sure that messaging makes sense across all devices and the call-to-action can be activated across all device types.

Make Path Fields Keyword Rich

In expanded text ads, the domain of your display URL is automatically pulled from your final URL. Advertisers have the option to add two path fields of fifteen character length to their display URL. Google AdWords management professionals strongly recommend using both path fields and populating them with top keywords to make an ad more relevant to search queries and reassure users that they will be taken to a relevant landing page.

Refresh Ad Extensions

AdWords management agency professionals always use ad extensions to provide additional useful information. With the expanded text ad format, old ad extensions can become outdated and unnecessary. Also, Google will not display ad extensions if they only repeat content that’s in the text ad. Along with transitioning from standard text format to expanded text ad format, you should also update the ad extensions with fresh and meaningful content.

If you’re ready to tap into the exciting possibilities of expanded text ads, consult a professional AdWords agency that’s on top of the best practices!

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