Top 5 health benefits of organic raw honey

Labeled as Nature’s gift to humanity, organic raw honey is hailed for its infinite health benefits. Raw honey is immensely beneficial to the human body. A super food that holds the key towards achieving wholesome health in a society heavily trodden by unhealthy habits. Add honey to your lemon tea or use as a dip for your cookies to experience great taste while reaping from its numerous health benefits. Read on to find out the top five health benefits of eating raw organic honey.

Increases Immunity

You will quickly realize that by making organic honey part of your daily diet, colds become a thing of the past. This, thanks to numerous medicinal properties in honey that fight and kill harmful organisms like fungus and bacteria in the body. Phytochemicals and polyphenols drawn from nectar aid in boosting immunity. The body’s ability to fight off diseases is increased significantly by regular intake of raw honey.

Good for the brain

Organic honey is full of antioxidants whose sole purpose is to prevent loss or damage of cells, particularly in the brain. This can prove greatly helpful for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy and slow brain development, or even for menopausal women who because of rapid hormonal changes, their proper brain function is affected.

Anti fungal and Anti bacterial

Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in raw honey. This therefore gives honey anti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics which come in handy in the event of infection. Raw honey has for centuries been used to treat and cure even the toughest fungal and bacterial infections. Dilute raw honey with a bit of water and use as shampoo for your hair. This helps to kill fungus on the scalp which can cause dandruff and itchy scalp.

Flawless skin

It is said that the skin can be used to depict underlying health problems in organs throughout the human body. For instance, spots or blemishes on certain parts of the face is said to indicate problems with the heart, kidneys or the liver. Applying raw honey on the surface of the affected areas coupled with regular intake in turn helps to clear the skin, healing your body, inside out. A natural solution to all your skin problems.

Cures cancer

Cancer has become a constant headache in the minds of medical practitioners. It is still rendered incurable but raw honey may hold the key to solving this problem. Due to high levels of antioxidants present in raw honey, cell damage can be prevented. Antioxidants work by shielding and preserving cells through out the human body. These antioxidants prevent growth of free radicals which are the culprits behind cancer.

There are, however, hundreds if not thousands of different brands of organic raw honey and to help you on how to visually distinguish organic raw honey from refined honey, you should know that refined honey has a higher consistency compared to raw honey. You may also find that raw honey has a rough texture and its color is uneven while refined honey is much smoother and is see through.

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