Top 3 Best Cheap Laptops in 2019

The laptop remains indispensable today, the perfect compromise between the tablet and the desktop. And in recent years, it is finally possible to afford a good model at a price defying all competition.

But beware of bad business, because a low price is not always synonymous with a good deal. To help you in your choice, I suggest you go around the best cheap laptops of the moment.

Comparison Of The Top 3 Cheap Laptops

1. Acer Aspire: 17 Inch Cheap Laptop For Games and Video Editing

Acer is a computer brand known to (virtually) everyone. In the notebook sector, it is best known for the portability and fineness of its models. And even with this large 17.3-inch laptop, the finesse remains. And yet, this computer is far from having nothing under the hood.

The Strong Points

Big screen: Most users are moving away from desktop PCs, too bulky, but like to enjoy a fairly large screen to view their favorite movie or video, to play games comfortably, to edit images, etc. If you’re in this category, then this Acer Aspire 5 A517-51G-39MT will surely suit you, with its slab of 17.3 ”.

Large Storage Space: With its 1000 GB of storage (including 903 GB available), this laptop is definitely not only for office use, but rather for multimedia use. You’ll have enough space to store your movies, pictures, songs, with this huge mobile multimedia library that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Performance: At this level, this Acer Aspire 5 A517-51G-39MT is not really a lightning war. That said, it is not a simple laptop for office use either. Indeed, its processor Intel i3-6006U with 2 cores and 4 GB of RAM, as well as its GPU Nvidia Geforce MX130 2Go, will answer now to more or less advanced uses, like to turn games not too greedy in resources, of photo retouching, etc.

Design: We easily recognize the touch of the brand, with its finish imprint of a great sobriety predominantly black, contrasted with a slight touch of aluminum. Very compact, this laptop manages however to ship all that is necessary, up to the DVD player, not to mention the 3 USB ports (including 1 USB Type C 3.1 Gen 1), the HDMI port, an RJ45 Ethernet port.

Weight: With such finesse, its weight is not surprising, it is among the lightest in its class with only 3 kg on the scale.

Battery Life: One of the biggest arguments of this large format notebook is its battery. This model will last up to 7 hours in navigation with WiFi, thanks to its 4 cells Li-polymer of 48 Wh.

The Weak Points

Slightly slow: According to some users, this laptop would be a little slow to relax, especially when running heavy enough applications. Which is not really surprising, in its price range. But we can still say that this model is doing pretty well, with the games adapted. It will even allow some video editing.

2. HP 15-bs011nf: The Best 15-Inch Laptop Cheap and Powerful

This brand is very common in the world of laptops. It is also known for its models offered at very good value for money. This one will be no exception, with its affordable price and its great qualities. However, this laptop also targets a particular clientele.

The Strong Points

Excellent value for money: Indeed, laptops whose price falls below 300 euros are not so many, especially with such quality. Admittedly, we are far from the high end, but in its category, we can say that this model has absolutely nothing to blush in the face of his opponents.

Office use: Designed for basic use, ie for office automation and for surfing the Internet, this laptop offers what it takes for the user experience to be at the rendezvous .

Performance: So, this model is far from a PC Gamer, but it has enough to make office and surf pleasant, with Intel Celeron N3060 processor supported by 4 GB of RAM. Its Intel HD 400 graphics card will even allow you to play videos comfortably, on its 15.6-inch HD screen, with a resolution of 1366 x 768.

Storage and connectivity: If a laptop intended for office use could have been content with 16 GB of storage, this model nevertheless offers 500 GB. It even encourages storage, with its 3 USB ports, including 2 ports USB Type C 3.1 (Gen 1), for a much faster transfer of your files. It also offers a multi-format SD card reader for transferring and viewing your images. This not forgetting the HDMI port and the RJ45 Ethernet port.

Battery Life: With such performances, and especially with its small size, what about battery life? In this regard, this laptop will also live up to expectations, with its 4 Li-Ion cells of 41 Wh, allowing a range of up to more than 11 hours. It is worth mentioning, however, that the average battery life will be around 8 h.

Design: This notebook is very classy, ​​with its black ebony finish and particularly small dimensions. That’s not to mention its featherweight of only 2.2 kg.

The Weak Points

Slow: According to some users, this model would sometimes show some slowness in performing certain tasks. This would be due in particular to the software overlay of the brand that would weigh down the processor. Some users have tried to get rid of it, and have found a much faster device.

3. Acer-Chromebook: The Best Cheap Laptop

If you already have a PC to handle your heavy-duty tasks that require a lot of resources, and you’re looking for a small laptop for office use, without turning the videos on, then this Acer Chromebook is just right. It will surprise you even nicely with its great speed, and especially its finish in aluminum alloy, very classy, ​​very successful.

The Strong Points

Flawless Finish: While most chromebooks carry plastic, it stands out as the hottest kid in the class with its quality aluminum finish. Its color Gold will finish to finish (one wants to say “to seduce” of course) those who will have the misfortune to look at it. In addition to being very classy, ​​this model is also very robust, thanks to this finish.

Discerning speed: According to some users, this Acer Chromebook would start in just 5 seconds. It is just as good in the display of web pages and the launch of various applications. The connection is also very fast, thanks to the MIMO 802.11ac (dual band) technology. Always on the count of the speed, this device puts at your disposal two USB 3.0 ports.

Power: If you turn to a chromebook, it’s mostly for office use. And for this, this device seems to be among the best, with its Intel Celeron N3160 (some laptops under Windows do not even better), its 4 GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 400 graphics card.

Screen: It will even allow you to comfortably read videos, movies, with its full HD screen of 14 ”, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Chrome OS: Like all chromebooks, this one will allow you to discover the Chrome OS, which will change you some Windows or IOS. In addition, you can enjoy the Google Play Store on it, and its 32GB of memory will leave you completely free to install all the applications you want.

Battery Life: Own a laptop capable of holding a whole day, it’s already very good. But Acer offers much more than that with this model. It turns out that the autonomy of this device reaches up to 12 hours!

The Weak Points

Memory: Hard to find a bad point with this laptop. One could quibble about its 32GB memory, not really allowing the storage of multimedia files. We will have to use an external hard drive, or a USB key, or even better, the Cloud!

How To Choose Best Cheap Laptop?

The rule is unfortunately very simple: the more you want powerful components, the more the price climbs. On the other hand, the more we look for a cheap laptop, the more we will have to ignore the power. That being said, as in any other field, exceptions exist. Precisely, thanks to good research, but also by making the right compromises, we can come across high-performance laptops, but not expensive. But then, how?

Define Your Needs

The first step is always a good definition of your needs. Why do you need a laptop, is it to work (office, photo editing, video editing, etc.), is it to play games, is it to surf more comfortably on the Internet with a screen nicer than that of your smartphone? Answering these questions will already allow you to sort a good number of products on the market.

Basic Use

For office and surfing, no need to invest in heavy artillery. A processor type Celeron, Atom or Pentium will do the trick, but still prefer a RAM 4 GB, to enjoy more flexibility and speed. For this type of use, there is no need for a second graphics card, the integrated one will be more than enough, and will even be able to play videos, etc. Opt for a higher resolution, for more quality.

Still for this type of use, storage is not important, especially since we can now use external hard drives, USB drives, online storage. But if you plan to install many software or applications, prefer a more permissive storage.

Here, the size of the screen will depend on your taste, but also your needs in terms of “portability”. But for office use, a screen of 13 to 15 ” is enough. Chromebooks are a very good option, especially with their speed. Be careful though, because they do not use Windows or IOS, but Chrome OS. They are also interesting in “on line” use, and are much less “off line”, that is to say that they badly need an internet connection to be effective.

Further Use

It’s no secret, the more resource-intensive your needs are, the more resources you will need. Thus, to play games, video editing, etc., it will turn to models with a much more powerful processor (at least one i3), and a graphics card other than the already integrated.

On this point, inquire about the possibilities offered by the graphics card in question, to see what you can do with it. But for reference, it is advisable to move at least to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 8/950 M or equivalent, and at least 2 GB of memory dedicated to the card.

Having a larger RAM (8GB) will not be denied either, unless you can accept some slowdowns with 4GB of RAM. Storage is also important, the best will be to favor at least 750 GB of memory. Namely that there are many models with 1000 GB of memory.

The size of the screen will also be a criterion of choice. The best will be to opt at least for a 15 ” screen. It’s up to you to see if a 17 ” will not bother you in your travels, but it’s still the best for more multimedia use.

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Use for games

If you are looking for a laptop for gamers, but not expensive, then it will make concessions, in other words, choose only games less demanding resources. The selection criteria are more or less the same as with the previous category. But if you want even better, try to find affordable models with at least one i5 processor, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 / 970M or equivalent graphics card.

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