The Best 15-inch Laptops: Comparison 2019

The 15-inch laptop is the ideal format for versatility. Easy to carry with a screen large enough for perfect visual comfort, it is the most sold format at the moment.

But with the number of different models on the market, the choice is not simple at all. This buying guide is here to help you compare the best 15-inch notebooks of the moment!

1. Asus ROG G502VS-FY275T: The Best 15 Inch i7 For Gaming

For those who seek excellence in gaming laptop without encumbering a 17 inch untransportable? So you should take a look at this little wonder. You will not have to wonder if this new game that makes you the eye will turn in optimal quality on your machine.

But what is his configuration, will you say to me? Well, it has a seven-core Intel Core i7 processor with four cores. The number of cores is the number of tasks a processor can handle at the same time. It has a frequency of 2.80 GHz that can be found a little low, but no worries since it can go up to 3.80 GHz in turbo mode.

Moreover this processor is not alone since it is accompanied by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card of 8 GB of RAM, which is very rarely the case on laptops of this category. These 8 GB will easily allow your graphics card to render graphics in very high quality.

Especially since we are dealing with a 15-inch laptop whose full HD screen is equipped with LED technology. This will give you a better contrast on the rendering of your games.

Your games that you can store on a SSD 128 GB hard drive to launch them in seconds. The rest of your data can be stored in a hard drive of 1 TB, classic but comfortable.

Classic also, it is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, the most greedy games you may be asked to add an 8 GB bar that is possible thanks to the second location for RAM. You just need to know how to dismantle the rear compartment.

Ergonomics side, this 15-inch laptop weighs only 2.3 kg which is still little for a model of this caliber. Mounted in a classic case of the ROG range, you may be surprised by the red keys on the keyboard. Although they are not very visible if the ambient light is low, you do not have to worry since the keyboard is equipped with a backlight configurable in color and intensity.

With this 15-inch laptop, no more problem slowing down, you can play your games thoroughly without any worries!

2. Microsoft Surface Book 2: the best 15-inch touch and hybrid

We are dealing here with one of the mastodons of the market in terms of power and versatility. Whether you want to draw, take notes, work or simply relax on your sofa, Microsoft Surface Book 2 can meet your needs.

To go quickly on the configuration, this 15-inch laptop has an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor with 4 cores. In addition to that add 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD and a GPU of 512 GB and you have here one of the best configurations that can be found on a PC all categories.

But the best is yet to come!

Indeed all the interest of this Microsoft Surface Book 2 is its screen. Indeed we have here a screen in Ultra High Definition. What interest for a 15 inch PC will you say to me? Well, his writing quality. Indeed, this touch notebook will allow you to take notes or draw very easily with its stylus, unfortunately sold separately. Given the configuration, you will have no trouble running the entire Adobe suite and will be able to make the drawing or the photo editing higher quality.

Other advantages and not least, we appreciate the opening up to 360 degrees of the computer that will allow you to use it as a conventional PC of course but also in the easel position or even fully open. Finally, if you do not want to clutter with the keyboard, the screen is removable and thus becomes a tablet.

Be careful to tablet mode. Indeed, because of its overpowering configuration, the Surface Book consumes a lot of energy. As the manufacturer wanted to avoid having a tablet too heavy and therefore not ergonomic, he placed two-thirds of the battery in the keyboard. So remember to reconnect the tablet on the latter fairly regularly.

In any case, this 15-inch laptop is incredibly light for such a device since it weighs less than 2 kg.

Note anyway a slight lack of ergonomics. The headphone jack is located at the top of the screen. No problem in tablet mode since the screen can be held in any direction. However it is not the same story in PC mode.

This computer is really a beast of competition. Nothing is impossible with him so anyone will find it useful whatever his needs.

3. Acer Aspire E5-575G-543V: a versatile 15-inch i5 notebook

The main interest of a laptop is as its name suggests, its portability. It can come in addition to a fixed PC for workers who travel. Or simply for convenience in housing if you do not want to devote a space specifically for a bulky desktop computer.

This Acer Aspire PC will answer one or the other of these problems. With a more than honest configuration, you will have the opportunity to use this computer for your office work, to surf the Internet or even games.

Equipped with a seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor, this is one of the best value processors. In addition, it comes with 8 GB RAM interfaced in DDR4 expandable. There will also be a dedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce MX130 whose RAM is 2 GB interfaced DDR5 is the best technology on the market.

A 15-inch laptop would have no interest without its screen. Here, we are dealing with a matte slab, so less prone to glare, in full HD with LED backlight is a fairly modern technology. A contrast enhancing TCI module and the Acer BluelightShied module will also be appreciated which will attenuate the amount of blue light emitted. Indeed, for some years it has been noticed that the blue light of the screens harmed the vision. This is why opticians offer glasses with treatments against blue light. No need to go buy glasses specifically for your computer if it is designed to emit less.

Regarding the connection, we have everything we need. Three USB ports including one in 3.0 where you can charge your mobile phone even if the computer is off. We even have a USB-C port. The new technology, still uncommon on peripherals, which has a transfer speed of 5 GB per second. There is of course the RJ-45 Ethernet port to connect his laptop to his box Internet even if we prefer to use the WiFi to maintain its portability.

Finally, a big advantage for a 15-inch laptop in this range is its 256 GB SSD. Although the amount of storage may seem low, this technology has a reading speed and writing much higher than conventional hard drives . So you can start your device and your software in just seconds.

Especially since we will have a battery life of 7 hours for moderate use, this 15-inch laptop is really a very good product for family use.

4. HP 15-da0081nf: the best quality / price ratio (less than 600 €)

We may want a laptop without being equipped with an overkill behemoth which we do not fully exploit the capabilities. Indeed there is a range of 15 inches less powerful but not less qualitative.

With an AMD processor with 2 cores and a frequency of 3 GHz, you can easily run your software. Especially since this model is equipped with an expandable 8 GB RAM.

Be careful though, if you want to change components of your laptop in the future, AMD processors are not interchangeable with Intel processors, more common on the market.

On the other hand, for a classic computer like this we will appreciate the presence of a dedicated graphics card AMD R5. So you can easily do photo editing, video editing or even play video games.

Similarly, the 128GB SSD storage is more than welcome. So you can start your computer 15 inches and your favorite software in seconds. This size of storage may seem small but no worries then we will find a conventional hard drive of 1 TB.

In terms of connectivity, this laptop is versatile enough to notice. We will appreciate for example the presence of a DVD player that tends to disappear on 15-inch PCs. Apart from that, there are 4 USB ports including 2 in 3.0 and an SD card reader which is also becoming increasingly rare.

Otherwise, it is equipped with a HD computer which we appreciate the LED backlight implying a lower power consumption and therefore increased battery life. This autonomy is 6 hours for a very reasonable weight of 2.1 kg.

This 15-inch laptop is a very good solution for anyone who wants to buy a laptop to work on the Internet or in office. It will also be suitable for families or students. However, do not expect to launch the latest video games with the best graphical qualities. If the game happens to run with graphics in low quality you can feel happy.

Versatile and complete, this is an excellent value for money.

HP 15-da0023nf: the best laptop 15 inch cheap (less than 300 €)

Whether to make a light use of computers, to get started or because we do not necessarily have the means to afford a more powerful laptop, the reasons can be multiple to purchase. Indeed, even inexpensive it is not so low-end and may correspond to several types of users.

The main feature of a laptop is its processor. It controls all components of the computer and performs the tasks that you request. Here it is an Intel Celeron N3060 processor with 2 cores. This means that it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously at a frequency of 1.6 GHz. That is, it can perform 1.6 billion operations per second.

In addition to that we will find a graphics card Intel HD 400, light enough but that may be useful, as the 4 GB of RAM that will allow your processor to order the tasks and data to be processed to perform its operations.

This 15-inch laptop has 3 USB ports including 2 in 3.1, faster. You can also connect your device to a TV or a secondary display with its HDMI jack. Of course it is equipped with an Ethernet plug to connect to your Internet box. Of course it is not mandatory since the computer obviously includes a WiFi card so you can surf the Internet in any room. Finally we will appreciate the SD card reader to allow you to sort your photos among others.

This PC of 2.1 kg is light by its weight but not by its autonomy. Indeed, its low energy consumption configuration will allow you to use this laptop for 8 hours!

Bad languages will find it weak or out of date. We prefer to see a very practical 15 inch PC that will perfectly suit you for family use, for a student, or when you are on a business trip or on vacation. Because of its price, we appreciate its simplicity and portability. It will also be recommended as the first equipment to start computing. This is a learning tool for his children. Of course it will not allow you to launch professional software like the Adobe suite or more technical software but it is ideal for everyday tasks like surfing the Internet or for office automation.

How To Choose a 15 Inch Laptop?

When one is sure of wanting a laptop of this size is that the main interest is its portability. Therefore, we will tolerate a computer of lesser configuration because it will lead to a decrease in weight on the one hand. But on the other hand, the lighter configuration will result in necessarily lower power consumption and you will have a laptop whose battery will last longer.

However this does not mean that you have to choose the first 15 inches come! This format will be recommended to students for taking notes in class, for example. But also to workers with a lot of business trips. We can also advise families during their holidays.

When you choose your 15 inch computer, there are some criteria inherent in looking for any computer to focus on.

The Processor

A laptop is not a NASA computer, so do not necessarily look for the best configuration. Not only will you have to put a price on it, but it is also likely that your computer does not have a cooling system that is efficient enough to make it work optimally.

The Graphics Card

This component is not a prerequisite for the purchase of a computer. Indeed, the processor can perform its function provided that you do not ask too much tasks. Indeed, a dedicated graphics card is essential if you want to play very recent video games, if you want to do video editing or 3D animation for example. If you want a 15-inch PC just to surf the internet and take notes, a dedicated graphics card may be a little overrated.


Between SSD and HDD there is more to hesitate for a computer 15 inches. The first is extremely fast while the second has a much larger storage space.

Indeed, we will recommend an SSD drive that will allow you to start your computer in seconds. In addition, it is best to store important data on an external hard drive in case your PC and the built-in disc burn.

For skeptics, no worries! There is a lot of 15-inch hybrid PCs. That is, they have both types of storage. However it will be up to you to manage where is stored this or that file.

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The Screen

Of 15 inches certainly, but which resolution to choose? In our time, the full HD is very much democratized and is not expensive anymore. You will have to look in the information of the manufacturer a minimum resolution of 1920 × 1080.

You will not need to take a higher quality. Indeed, with such a resolution and a 15-inch screen you would not see the difference between full HD and the 2k or even no differences with the 4k if you watch a movie more than a meter from your screen .

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