What Is Sustainable Fashion and Why Is It Slightly Expensive?

Fashion plays a prominent role in the economy of a country as it highly contributes to raising the annual revenue. At the same time, it is also necessary to make use of such clothes, shoes, accessories that might not harm the environment as well as last for a long time. In this manner adopting sustainable fashion is more appropriate as it is environment-friendly.

The only issue with sustainable fashion is that it is quite expensive. The reason why it is so expensive depends on various other factors. Before that let’s get into a detailed description that what actually sustainable fashion is?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is the one that includes clothing, shoes, and accessories manufactured in a pure organic manner. The sustainable fashion manufacture and market the clothing, shoes and other accessories in a manner that is both economy and environment-friendly.

While manufacturing a sustainable product, each step from designing to development acquire a proper consideration. Every step is important and contributes effectively to produce a truly raw and organic product, which can be considered as sustainable. Another major aim of sustainable fashion is to minimize the use of unnecessary or harsh elements. Instead making use of more natural elements and reusing them is the main priority.

Under the sustainable fashion, everything from manufacturing to designing and production must be environmentally and economically sustainable. That is, it must be free from harsh chemicals, excessive and damaging dyes, so the clothes, shoes or other accessories can last for a long time. As well as remaking and reusing the items in a completely natural manner to make it more sustainable.

To reduce the environmental impacts and to improve the social conditions, sustainable clothing is a better choice. Today the fashion industries are effectively working on various aspects to improve the condition of the clothes and accessories to make them highly sustainable. The sustainable fashion is also known as green and clean fashion because it does contain such elements in its manufacturing that can reduce its longevity.

However, at one hand where sustainable fashion is highly preferred and it is more socio-economic and environment-friendly. Here arises a very common question that why sustainable fashion is expensive.

Why Sustainable Fashion is Slightly Expensive?

Sustainable fashion being a little expensive is not a big deal. It is slightly expensive and it is because of various aspects, which make it a way more expensive than an ordinary one. Sustainable fashion contains all the organic and raw products from clothing to accessories everything, is pure.

The manufacturing, designing, and production every step is truly organic and natural. All these factors make sustainable fashion slightly expensive. Thus, for sustainable clothing some of the factors, which make it slightly expensive are as follows:

·             The Quality of Fabric

A very important and an essential element that is required for sustainable clothing is sustainable and high-quality fabric. The fabric must be high quality and free from harsh dyes and elements. A good quality of fabric, which at the same time is made up of organic elements. The organic and raw fabric costs more than an ordinary one, so it makes sustainable clothing more expensive.

Quality matters a lot and compromising on quality will not provide that much benefit, which a sustainable fashion can actually provide. Thus, the quality makes it slightly expensive than ordinary fashion.

·             The Fee of Employment

Although the natural and organic elements costs more than the ordinary. Similarly, the employment and the labor fee also play a prominent role. It costs more to manufacture, design and produce sustainable products rather than ordinary products. It is because such products need proper consideration and special care during the entire process.

Each step is crucial and should be taken into proper processing. All these factors need a real effort and proper time. As a result, the cost of labor makes sustainable fashion a little more expensive.

·             The Manufacturing of Clothes from Organic Products is Expensive

Another important thing that is necessary to take into consideration when it comes to sot of sustainable fashion is the manufacturing of the material. No matter what type of product you wish to form under sustainable fashion, but the only thing that matter is the quality of the product.

To form a hundred percent organic and raw product it is necessary to make use of such pure organic substances, which can actually make that product raw and natural. Thus, the whole process is quite expensive, which also make sustainable fashion expensive.


A sustainable fashion is more environmentally friendly as well as perfect for economic point. Making use of sustainable fashion is highly preferable because it can improve social conditions. As well as it is perfect for the environment. However, the cost of sustainable products is quite expensive. It is due to the fact that the production, design and manufacture process cost more, which in return make sustainable fashion slightly expensive.




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