How to Properly and Safely Use Coconut Oil Weight Loss


We are a nation that thrives for beauty and flows with trends. One of the so called must-feature for beauty is slim body therefore weight loss can be considered the top trend. Industries are making money by constantly introducing newer technologies by introducing pills, equipment and exercising techniques. Problem is that these pills and equipment are either expensive or have minimum effects with side effects. Most of the women are disturbed by unusual gain of weight. Most of them are not familiar with the mechanisms of pills and advanced equipment. Therefore these techniques often prove to be futile.

‘ How can I lose weight? ‘ is the major question that most of the nutritionist face today. Here are the some statistics of weight loss trends in 2018.

Weight Loss Analysis 2018

However the most effective and safest of all the techniques to lose weight is through smart nutrition. Nutrition has its advantages against pills as there minimum side effects in nutrition. Pills are either expensive or wastage. Nutrition has a benefit that it comes cheap and is available almost everywhere. Furthermore the effectiveness of quality nutrition is always guaranteed.

Coconut oil is one of the unpopular but effective products used in weight loss trends.

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts. It is high in saturated fats. Although coconut has a lot of nutrition for many uses but one of its amazing uses is to aid in weight loss. Coconut oil in particular can be used effectively for weight loss. Usually fats are considered to be an aid in gaining weight but if used smartly fats can be helpful in losing weight. A common man would easily place fats in the category of avoiding foods while losing weight. Surprisingly recent researches have proved that the fats in coconut oil are to be added in weight losing diets.

Why is Coconut oil helpful in losing weight?

Medium-chain fatty acids

The composition of fats in coconut oil is different from the rest of the fats. Most of the fats contain long-chain fatty acids while coconut oil is made of fatty acids that have Medium-chain Triglycerides

These fatty acids are metabolised differently from the long-chain fatty acids. The amazing ability of these fatty acids is that these are not stored as the regular fatty acids. Instead these are sent directly to the liver. Where these medium-chain fatty acids play a crucial role in energy purposes. Remember that the storing of fatty acids leads to weight gain but if the fats are used instantly for the energy purposes then it might help with weight loss.

There is also evidence that medium-chain fatty acids are not stored efficiently which basically means that these would not contribute much towards weight gain. The efficiency of fats staying in the body is the serious problem for weight losers. These medium-chain fatty acids are smart and therefore use themselves quickly.

Accelerated Metabolism

Some studies have revealed that medium-chain fatty acids contribute towards accelerating metabolism and thus burning calories. One of the most important properties of coconut oil is that it is thermogenic. When we eat something with thermogenic properties it tends to increase the energy expenditure of the body. When body starts burning more and more energy, fats are automatically burned. Thus eating coconut oil not only burns your fats but increases you energy as well.

A research was done with rats. Two groups of rats were selected. One was fed with long-chain fatty acids while the other one was fed with medium-chain fatty acids. The rats that were fed medium-chain fatty acids gained 20 % less weight and 23 % less fats than the ones fed with long-chain fatty acids.

Research on Rats

Another research revealed the amazing abilities of thermogenic calories. According to this research 1-2 tablespoons of medium-chain fatty acids daily can lead to 5% increase in energy expenditure. Therefore a calorie from coconut oil is not the same as a calorie from any other oil. It will not only fill your appetite but increase your fats burning capability as well.

Increase in Energy Expenditure

Fullness of appetite

These fatty acids have an ability to trigger the fullness in the body. The weight loss is all about how much calories you take in. The general approach often targets the burning of extra calories but if you avoid from these in the first place then burning those is not necessary. Consuming these medium-chain fatty acids will make you feel full which means that you will not be able to consume more calories. Hence the weight loss will be inevitable. Think about it. If there are not any extra calories in your body there is no need to work your body.

Burning of Abdominal Fats

Weight loss is all about the loss of abdominal fats. According to some researches coconut oil has also proved to be effective in removing belly fat. Generally the obesity of anybody is measured by the size of the abdomen. Every weight losing candidate would love to lose his or her belly fats. Not only that but losing belly fats is considered to be a main factor in keeping safe from diseases. The accumulation of fats on the abdomen leads to problems such as improper digestion and high blood pressure.

The results of one study revealed that coconut oil works effectively in reducing belly fat. Two groups of women were fed coconut oil and soy oil. The group that was fed coconut oil decreased belly fat while the other group proved to increase belly fat a little.

Burning of Abdominal Fats

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