Everything Involved in Strata Cleaning

Strata Cleaning in Sydney

With the popularisation of inner-city lifestyle in the areas of Australia and Sydney is one such city, strata managed properties are more to be seen. As a result strata cleaning have become an important part in these properties and there are several cleaning companies offering the service to seeking property owners both residential and commercial.

If you are a resident of Sydney, and own strata managed property, we are sharing everything involved in the strata cleaning services near you. Keep reading!

Areas outside the premises

Car Parks

Having a maintained car parking area is not just essential for visitors and staff from an aesthetic point of view, but helps combat any criminal activity in your premises as well.

Graffiti and Vandalism

Vandalism and graffiti leaves bad impression and is a pure eyesore. Using a high pressure washer and paint can hide the unwanted graffiti on the premises walls.

Window cleaning

In strata cleaning for external properties, reputed service providers also include cleaning external window surfaces, especially for strata properties situated by the sea or harbour. Such properties generally face settling salt in the external surfaces of windows and demands frequent cleanings.

Rubbish and recycling removal

Professional strata cleaners ensure the rubbish around your property is collected and dumped safely.

Areas inside your premises


Many strata properties consist of different varieties of floor surfaces. Vacuum cleaning the floors with carpets, hardwood and floorboards is necessary in every cleaning session. Using wet and dry mopping over tiles and other surfaces is equally important.

Interior surfaces

Wiping and dusting interior surfaces allows keeping the usually avoided areas sparkling clean. Window sills, desks, skirting boards and shelves are considered as the trouble areas.

Interior doors and windows

Interior doors mainly the ones made of glass, windows and door handles tend to collect grime and fingerprints quite fast. Professionals offering strata cleaning in Sydney focus on these areas.

Handrails and stairs

 It is essential to pay attention to the higher traffic areas like stairwells regularly. The cleaning process includes mopping, wiping and vacuuming the areas thoroughly.


Talking about the commercial strata properties, they have a communal kitchen area that demands regular cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces. The expert strata cleaners also involve vacuuming in the process to get away with the food scraps, crumbs, covering the areas behind the furniture and appliances.

These are the crucial tasks involved in strata cleaning for both exterior and interior of your strata managed properties. If your concern is the commercial space, look around the areas highlighted by us in the blog to ensure you are properly maintaining the place – clean and hygienic. If you come across any kind of dirt, unorganised or unwanted stuff around, you can hire professionals for strata cleaning in Sydney by Hygiene Plus Australia and get the tension off your head. The experts will make sure the property is clean and today with their best of cleaning skills.

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