7 Ways to Enhance and Bring Excitement Back into Your Relationship

First, you dream of finding love, and then you dream of marrying your soul mate and living a happily ever after kind of life. However, relationships are not always a bed full of roses. Sooner or later, the fairy tale starts to diminish and reality sets in. Marriage, especially, requires more than marrying a compatible partner. This is because long-term relationships can stagnate due to an acquired level of comfort and trust between the partners. Besides, relationships that last long thrive because both partners choose to do the right thing. Therefore, to keep the excitement flowing in a relationship, it is essential to continue working towards retaining the passion you had when you first met. Below are ways that you can use to reignite the love in your relationship.

1. Introduce Doing Novel Things in the Relationship

Novelty can be different for different sets of people. For instance, you might consider novel things to be simple like going to a new restaurant with your partner or walking down a new route while you jog in the morning. You might also consider turning off your phones during your date night or joining a yoga class together to be unconventional. Sometimes, even sitting outside at night to watch the stars in the sky can be original for you. The trick is to commit fully to the new experience for you to feel nourished and alive. Try and get out of your head and let your heart lead so that you can appreciate what the unique experience will do for you and your partner.

2. Make Your Sexual Life Adventurous

The first year of your monogamous relationship will always have the most exciting sexual experiences. However, human physiology will reduce your hormones after and the result is a reduction of your sexual energy. To bring back your sexual desires and excitements, you can start taking steps such as scheduling time for sex. While setting time aside for sex is not as appealing as being sexually spontaneous, working hard and getting exhausted during the day will make spontaneity difficult and leave no room for sex. Also, you can have sex in different rooms and in different locations. Additionally, you can try new techniques. We love shag online can provide you with new sex gear that you can incorporate into your sex life.

3. Do Things That Thrill You Together

There are many things that you can do to help you get out of your normal routine. For instance, you can decide to surf, skydive, ride a roller coaster, bike in the mountains or go for a hike. To start, you can even use the helmet and board locked up in your garage and ride in the skate park near your home. As an advantage, many of these activities are cost efficient, and when you do them with your partner, you will experience an adrenaline thrill that is much better than a runner’s high. At the end of the activity, you and your partner will have a new regard for one another.

4. Do Something That is Out of Your Comfort Zone

It might be harder for you to speak in public than it is to skydive. Your partner recognizes this in the same way that you understand their strengths and fears. Also, there might be things that scare the both of you. If one such thing exists, take the challenge of facing that fear together. When you both join a new and uncomfortable situation together, you both gain the opportunity to invigorate as well as to strengthen your relationship. By the end of the challenge, you will be a stronger couple just as much as you will be stronger individuals.

5. Travel in a New Country Together

If you are adventurous and you want to change your routine significantly, you can consider traveling to an unusual country. Regardless, always ensure that you and your partner are ready to travel and see new sceneries. This is because traveling can be expensive, stressful and tiresome. Once you have both agreed to travel, start making a plan so that you can handle the stress before you leave your home. Do not drag any relationship drama while on your trip, leave all that at home.

6. Have Regular Date Nights

At the start of most relationships, date nights are regular. You also might have been taking time to get dressed so that you can look suitable for your dinner date or any special occasion that you had planned with your significant other. Over time, you might have forgotten the advantages of having a regular date night. For instance, looking forward to your weekly dates aids in reigniting the spark in your relationship. To make it more interesting, take turns to choose the location and the activity that you will do during your date. You can even ask your partner to get dressed and surprise them. As a bonus, have great sex before your date because you might be tired or drunk later. Also, the sex will connect you and your partner and make you feel recharged. It will also allow you to focus on enjoying your date.

7. Work on the Same Project Together

Do not worry; this is not about you and your partner working on your property together. This is about finding a project that is not boring. The project does not have to yield any financial gain. It can be something as simple as going to the market and buying ingredients for a new dish that you will cook together. You can go on a walk in your streets and take inspiring photos together. If you do enjoy improving your home together, you can always pick up projects and accommodate each other’s visions. All you have to do is make a plan and follow it through. In case you have different ideas, you can do two small projects each, but do them together.


Regardless of the path you take, it is always essential to remain hopeful. Life is filled with highs and lows, and so are relationships. Simply focus on loving your partner, putting energy and time into a relationship and be the best partner that you can.


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