Top 5 Ways to Boost Metabolism to Lose Weight

Weight loss is influenced by a number of factors and let’s just say, the body’s metabolic system plays a vital role in the speed with which you lose weight. The metabolic system of the body is a combination of all the reactions taking place in the body. Metabolism also means the amount of calories that an individual burns per day and hence, the relation between metabolism and weight loss is clarified in the light of this definition.

Boosting metabolism means making the metabolism work in a way efficient enough that it burns maximum calories and more than one consumes. Hence, to sum it up metabolism is simply the way in which the body makes use of the nutrition or nutrients that are present in the body.

Here are Top 5 Ways to Boost Metabolism:

People who recognize the significance of weight maintenance are well aware of the small bits which might be the reason of why one tends to lose weight fast. One of those is boosting up the metabolism.
Yes, following the diet routine is highly significant but taking measures to boost the metabolism serves as a cherry on top. The significance and role of metabolism in weight loss have been described above. Below are a few ways in which the metabolism can be boosted and made to work in a better way causing it to burn maximum calories.

1. Green tea is the magic potion

Well, green tea has always been suggested for the purpose of improving digestion. The antioxidant polyphenols present in the green tea are considered amazing for weight loss reasons. Moreover, the presence of catechins are also considered as a benefit. Numerous researches have resulted with successfully proving that weight loss is enhanced by drinking green tea and that people who drinked the tea, lost more weight than people who did not.

2. Increase the protein consumption

You might have heard many health experts strictly advising you to control your carbohydrate intake and increase the protein proportion in your diet. Well, let’s tell you why.
Protein causes an increase in The Thermic effect of food. The increase in thermic effect in turn boosts the metabolism from about 20 to 30 percent. Moreover, consuming protein-rich foods tend to build up the muscles and repair damaged tissues which is also very beneficial.

3. Weight-lifting

Weight lifting and especially selecting the weights that are heavy tend to also play a huge role in the boost of metabolism. The muscles which are being built can play a role with metabolism boosting.

When one starts losing weight, the metabolism tends to be very fast during the initial days causing maximum weight loss. Once, the body becomes used to the weight-loss or diet routine, the process is further slowed down. Through weight lifting, the process can be made to continue in a speedy way thus lessening the number of days that you have to spend during your dieting. Moreover, lifting the heavyweights can help with keeping the body toned and prevent the excess of fat from building up.

4. Be active

And yes, this the key. A drowsy person loses weight in a very slow way as compared to a person who has a much greater physical activity and does not keep sitting up straight all day long or even most part of the day. You must maintain a proper routine which involves your physical movements and if not, then you should at least spare some time for yourself for a walk.

5. Proper Water Intake

Many people who do everything right i.e. they exercise, and follow the proper diet plan, are very slow to lose weight or even when they lose weight, they do not see the visible difference. The problem is, ‘water ‘and one’s improper intake of this simple thing.
People usually consider sugary, tempting drinks instead of going for simple water. However, many people remain unknown to the negative impacts of these sugary drinks. Therefore, it is always suggested to drink water properly because water tends to boost the metabolism and help lose weight especially the facial fat and water fat.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator:


BMR calculator has been developed and can be found at This BMR calculator helps to calculate the basal metabolic rate of an individual. Basal metabolic rate is basically the amount of calories that one burns on a daily basis, doing absolutely nothing. They are the amount of calories that are invested in the doing of simple processes of the body such as breathing.


As is indicated by the name, the calculator helps calculate the BMR value. The BMR value is highly significant when it comes to weight loss. The calculator makes it just easier for a person to know their BMR value staying at their homes within seconds. Along with the information about the BMR value, the calculator also gives you information about the amount of calories that you require per day in order to lose weight.

Method of use:

The calculator is not difficult or complex at all to use. It requires some basic information such as your gender, age, height, weight, and your activity level which varies from sedentary to extremely active. Basically, the higher the activity level, the greater the BMR value. All the information that the calculator requires is related to the factors which affect the BMR value.


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