What is Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet? (Ultimate Understanding)

People all over the world loves to renovate their kitchen and home with more elegant and classy look that is why they have been looking for ideas and styles which compliment their houses and indoors. Since kitchen is one of the favorite places of house for a homemaker, they also involve in so many designs to make it stand out from other.

When it comes to kitchen and kitchen cabinets, the shaker style is one of the most popular ones across the world. That is why people are adding it to their kitchen cabinets and making them look fabulous.

Many people also ask about this cabinet look and want to know more about it; therefore we have bought an article entirely dedicated to it.

 Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet

What are shaker style cabinets for kitchen?

Shaker style cabinets are perfect blend of traditional looking cabinets with a touch of modern look. It has a plank edges which not only makes it stand out from any other kitchen cabinets but also helps it look fresh in many more years to come.

How the look of shaker style kitchen cabinet is created?

The shaker kitchen cabinets are very famous for their 3D look with classic finish and clean lines. Other than just the look these cabinets are completely functional and give an extra detailing edge to your boring ordinary kitchen cabinet doors.

These kitchen cabinets are made from five pieces of wood where the thin planks of wood it pasted and fixed to a wooden cabinet door along with a handle. After fixing these in its position, these wooden pieces are then polished, varnished or colored according to the look you want to achieve.

Other than just going for the minimal look in shaker style kitchen cabinet, it combines the touch of elegance with functionality. Also some cabinets include the decorative edging or brad board with rails and stiles of the door. It also gives more detailing to the transitional style of shaker kitchen cabinet allowing you to get a complete range of kitchen designs matching your personal style and ideas.

A little history of the Shakers:

The history behind the shaker style kitchen cabinet is as interesting as its name; most of the people believe that it was a religious group from Quakers at the end of 18th century. The name shakers come from the dance and shaking motions which are used in their worship. They were originated from Manchester, England and then immigrated to America where they first settle in New York and then spread to the various regions including New England.

The shakers were a group of craftspeople who get their earning from producing homespun furniture of their community, selling as well as for themselves. Since these people made high quality products and furniture, their style becomes famous for its functionality, durability and simplicity.

The furniture design of shakers:

Other than just the design, the shakers have made an impact on the kitchen designs and furnitures by using the local woods. While other American furniture designers used imported woods like rosewood and mahogany, the shakers used almost everything out of local timber like maple, cherry and pine. The most important feature of these furniture’s were they get originally stained or painted and with bright and popular colors like yellows, reds, greens and blues. Other than that instead of using the imported brass cabinet handles, shakers used turned wood knobs.

With this appealing and thoughtful quality of craftsmanship and simplicity in style, the shakers take over to the mainstream of modern kitchen and inspire people and kitchens all over the world. The kitchen cabinets and accessories become popular with their functionality and smart storage, these kitchen become more accessorized with side paneling, no glass and spaces for modern21st century appliances. That is why whenever we thought about the new kitchens, the shakers feature comes in mind.

How to create a shaker kitchen and shaker style kitchen cabinets?

Creating the look is not only simple, but it is easy and budget friendly too. All you need to know is the key statement that is widely used in the shaker kitchen. Here are some key points to do so:

Get the panel look:

Instead of going for same easy to fix kitchen cabinet go for the paneled unit doors which are either left natural or even painted in your favorite colors to get the traditional shaker look. Other than that get separate modules to layout the furniture or rearrange them in the future. You can also DIY them at your own but if you can’t, buy it from the market for better and instant results.

Replace the cabinet handles with knobs:

Knobs are one of the famous and most prominent features of the shaker kitchen that is why if you are looking to achieve that look; you need to replace the handles with the knobs.

Paint or stain your wood:

For better and clean look, you need to get your cabinet doors painted and for that reason you can either pick a color or even go for the wooden tones to achieve the look.

Add the accessory or the glass doors:

In the design of shaker kitchen, often use kitchen wear, accessories and glass doors to break the same door look and break the contrast of the kitchen. Also it is a good way to show the crockery and give your kitchen a more personalized look.

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