Do Men Wear Cologne or Perfume?

It is a common perception among people that perfumes are used by women and colognes are for men, but it is not true. The name of perfumes and colognes are just the percentage and concentration of the essence oil, not who wears it. That’s why you need to know what a difference between cologne and perfumes is.

What is a difference between cologne and perfumes?

Perfumes are more concentrated in scent oil essence than the colognes.

Many times the perfumes and colognes have the same percentage of the perfume oils, but when marketed the colognes are associated with men because men love stronger fragrance. While same concentration of fragrance is marketed and sell for women and popularly known as the Eau de parfum (EDP) or even eau de toilette (EDT) labeled as a scent for women


Not only both have different concentrations, but also they have different histories and backgrounds.

The perfumes are the oldest concept of scent where the essence oil is extracted and made for delighting the nose and enhancing the sense of smell. Initially, the aromas were referring as particular and natural fragrance.

On the other hand, the Colognes are originated in German and created in 1709. The name was given was eau de cologne, and it is the first type of new cologne or perfume where numbers of scents were mixed and blended in an alcohol base to create a particular smell. It is a proper chemical mixture where the different notes of scents were combined. Other than the old concept of perfumes where only fragrance is used, it is a mixture of different spicy and floral notes and a symphony of scent.

Nowadays a contemporary colognes and perfumes work on the same philosophy, combining various scents in different proportions which create a new fragrance which has its own identity and characteristics. That is why when we refer to colognes it means it is a blend of different scents and has a unique fragrance.

Concentration and its percentage:


Perfumes contain up to 20 to 30 percent of the essence oils, and that is why it is it can be costly because these oils are quite expensive in the market. It is more long-lasting than the colognes and lasts up to 10 to 15 hours after a single application.


Colognes have a higher percentage of the of water and alcohol than any other scents and products. It contains up to 3 to 8 percent of essence oil in it. It can last up to 3 to 5 hours after a single application.

Other differences between the perfume and cologne:

Concentration is the significant difference and characteristics in the cologne and perfume but other than this there is much more features which are mention below:

• Price:

Perfume is quite expensive when compare to the colognes as it contains more percentage of the essence oil which is quite a costly ingredient. The rates of rich oil can reach up to thousands of dollars per ounce that is why even the cologne has a similar amount of oil percentage; the perfume will be costly than it.

Many times the same brand launches it perfumes and colognes at the same time, but the fragrance is a bit expensive than the cologne. As well as an inexpensive perfume might cost you much than designer cologne that is why if you are investing in lasting scents according to your liking.

• Long lasting:

As we apply the scent on the skin, the alcohol evaporates into the air and leaves the oil on your skin which means that the essence oils play an essential role in the long-lasting fragrance. That is why the concentrated a product contains the oil, the more durable it will be that is why colognes have lesser hours of durability while perfumes can be worn for several hours after application.

• Scents:

The notes and characteristics of a particular fragrance play an essential role. While there are many perfumes and colognes made on the low and medium notes such as fruity, floral and spicy scents they don’t last longer but provides a refreshing feel and hits the nose as soon as they are applied.the base notes have deeper and signature scents therefore layering, and the combination of the fragrances in perfume or cologne plays an important part.

Do men wear cologne or perfume?

Men can wear both of them but depend on when they need to apply which scent. Also while choosing the cologne or fragrance makes sure to check the concentration as well as a note on which the perfume or cologne is made. Keep in mind that you must invest in right scent for the right occasion.

When to apply perfume?

As it is more long lasting and powerful, the perfumes are more complicated and expensive. That is why you can smell a perfume a yard away. You can choose any smell according to your liking such as spicy, musky, floral, fruity and aquatic according to your love and taste. The best time to wear perfume is on romantic dates, long evenings and open spaces because it can disturb others in a close and crowded place.

When to wear cologne?

Colognes are the best choice to wear in small spaces such as long car trips, airplanes, and small office or working areas. It is much lighter and suitable choice to wear for dinners and other social gatherings.

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