Know Different Terms of the Jewelry World Such as Lobster Clasps, Bakelite Jewelry and Vintage Buttons


lobster clasp
Lobster Clasp

Lobster clasps are kinds of locks that are used for connecting two ends of a jewelry piece fastening them together. This type of lock is just one of the many varieties of clasps that are used for many types of jewelry, may it be bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Lobster clasps are called by the name because of its lobster claw-like feature. It has a small spring inside for opening and closing action for a safe locking system. Clasps like these are typically found in jewelry supplies shops anywhere and they are made from different types of metals like silver, gold, bronze, aluminum and many others. Clasps are very important components for jewelry, they make a safety locking device for secure wearing of precious jewelry.



Bakelite Jewel
Bakelite Jewel

Speaking of jewelry, there is another jewelry term that many people seem to not know what they are, and these are bakelite jewelry. Bakelite or “Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride”, hard to pronounce? Is a type of an early plastic which was developed by a Belgian-American chemist named Leo Baekeland in New York, the year 1907. It was first used for electrical insulators due to its non-conductivity properties. And since then, jewelry makers discovered that it could be used as a type of material for creating amazing jewelry. Today, bakelite jewelry is being manufactured for beautiful jewelry pieces such as bakelite jewelry beads.

Generally, people love jewelry because these glittering pieces add beauty and elegance especially to the lovely women out there who loves dressing up and fashion. But few of them have no idea what material their jewelry is made of, and oftentimes jewelry terms like clasps and bakelite are questions to them. For those that are unfamiliar with jewelry terms, you can always search for this words in a dictionary or better on the internet. But if you are a jewelry enthusiast, you can always search for jewelry shops online to know more about the different types of jewelry, stones, components, and many others and one day you might find yourself in a hobby of jewelry making.


Vintage Button
Vintage Button

Vintage buttons have been used as a perfect finish to many types of contemporary jewelry. The designs from these fine pieces are carefully thought of in the past decades making them a very popular choice for vintage jewelry collectors and vintage jewelry makers. There are still many rare vintage buttons available in selected jewelry supplies shops in the market and even online on the internet. Rare vintage pieces like vintage buttons are a good find whether you are a contemporary jewelry lover, a vintage jewelry collector, or someone who makes a business out of making jewelry.


Vintage buttons can be made of different semi-precious and precious stones that are used to enhance jewelry. Adding these pieces can produce unique vintage bracelets or necklaces, they even come as clasps for fastening jewelry in a gorgeous way. Vintage buttons with clasps come with very beautiful designs with a combination of silver, Swarovski crystals, wood, and other materials. With a little bit of creativity, you can absolutely create jewelry with a vintage button finish that will match any dress or apparel for everyday use because as we know, jewelry enhances the overall personality of a person every time.


Vintage button clasps are also a perfect match for wooden beads when created as jewelry. Wooden beads also come in different colors, shapes, and sizes which is perfect for jewelry lovers out there. These type of beads are amazing when created as necklaces and bracelets. Bright colors of different shades can be bought in strands or pieces for great combination of colors and designs, some people like bead necklaces and bracelets with a single color but if you are in the jewelry making business you might as well try to combine different colors and designs for customers who would like to have unique jewelry designs for themselves.


So if you want to have a unique jewelry piece for yourself or for your business, make use of vintage buttons and wooden beads.


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