How important role of technology in Education

How important role of technology in Education

Educational technologies are applications and resources in teaching in order to improve education standards and enhance student learning experience. Technology help to understand students need and in which teaching style they perform better. With the help of technology, students can learn beyond the books with different resources, students can get the help of technology in their school’s projects and assignment. Educational technology is design after keeping the curriculum goals in mind,

There are numerous reasons that proof why technology is becoming an important element in the learning environment and educational sector. Technology is everywhere and if students want to get success in school and their professional life they must know and utilized technology effectively.

1. Students demand it.

The student needs and demands educational technology continuously inside and outside the classroom. Today’s kids prefer to utilized creative technology while the technology to make their learning process more effective. Educational technology is interactive and learning with these interaction devices become a part of education.

2. New teachers are demanding it.

Teachers have also shown positive concern regarding the role of educational technology in education and for effective learning. The teacher believes that with the help of technology they are delivering the lecture more efficiently. It is becoming the basic necessity of the education sector. Technology helps teachers to bring creative ideas, examples teaching style incorporate in their study.

3. Kids are the digital native.

Kids know technology and its functionality better than some adults. Also, they enjoy while operating different technology at home as well as school. It is also found that kids have better learn with different interactive educational technology. When teachers engage students with technology in the classroom students learn better, to participate in the classroom, as well as they acquire multi-tasking ability while learning. In these days it is difficult to image learning without technology.

4. Kids can learn at their own pace.

Only technology can fulfill this wish of students. The student learns more properly when they learn at their own pace. It has been seen that from many years that students learn that their own pace but the problem with the traditional classroom that students cannot learn at their own pace. When technology is integrated with education this will provide the feature that children can learn when they want, repeat teacher lectures again and again.

5. With technology, there are no limitations.

Technology gives access to students that they learn from the book related to any topic and can access any information and adopt different ways to learn the concept. Like students learn the same topic in the form of text, audio, video and graphically. Teachers can be used creative ideas to teach and engage students. Technology modifies the learning practices. In the education system, there is a variation or huge difference between schools. After the implementation of technology in schools standard education is provided in all schools and close the educational gaps.

6. Technology has the ability to enhance relationships between teachers and students.

Technology plays a significant role to make strong relationships between teachers and students. Teachers have the ability to merge technology with the subject area, teacher sometimes acts as a mentor, adviser, an expert on psychological behavior. With technology, the teacher can fulfill the need of individual learning need.

7. Testing has gone online

With the Assignment help of technology testing and marking criteria become more clear and authentic. Online testing is the future approach that all schools adopted and gain advantages. Student’s assessment can be done easily and quickly with the help of technology. Real-time testing technology helps to track the student’s performance and understand the gap where they are lacking.

8. Multitude of resources

Computer, laptops, and tablets are some technologies that both teacher and students used to find out multiple resources related to their topic. Technology not only help students to engage them with existing apps and features but it is another way to teach students uniquely from traditional teaching. Technology fills the gap and provides specific resources that fulfill the needs of individual students.

9. Technology keeps kids engaged.

This generation students are considered as digital and technological learners. They learn and perform better when they interact with the tools and device which they like most in their daily life such as the tablet, desktop computer, and laptop. Students sometimes bore when the lecture is not interested but these such lectures are delivered through interactive devices then students must enjoy, more focus and learn quickly.

10. Technology is necessary to succeed outside of primary and secondary education

whether you like or agree with that or not but technology has very much emerged in education, it is not limited to only education sector but students need to acquire technological skills in order to get success in their professional life. Technology becomes the primary part of every industry. In this digital era technology is more than basic computing skills.


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