How to Find the Best Car Repairs in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

Finding the best place to take your vehicle for servicing and car repairs in Brisbane, and on the Sunshine Coast, can be a real challenge. How do you choose a mechanic? What should they be charging? Do you have to go back to the dealership?

Let’s start with that last point. The whole new car log book warranty issue is confusing to say the least. It seems that quite a few dealerships give the impression that you must return your vehicle to them, for all repairs and servicing.

If you are happy with the dealership, the work is good, and the price is fair, then fair enough. But what if the dealership is expensive, or inconveniently located?

Car Repairs in Brisbane

The fact is, legally, you can take your new car to any qualified technician for a log book service. You will often get a better service – for a lower price. Take SVS Autocare, for example. With workshops in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, this is not a dealership, yet they can carry out log book servicing and repairs on your new vehicle and fulfil the requirements of your warranty.

Specialists in prestige European cars, SVS Autocare can work on just about any make and model and guarantee all their work. Best of all, because working on cares is a passion for this team, not a chore, you’ll get amazing service at an affordable price, because they are local with lower overheads, which they pass on to the customer.

Car Repair Sunshine Coast

An important point to bear in mind when looking for car repair on the Sunshine Coast is whether the workshop is set-up for your type of vehicle. With modern cars based on a complex computerised system, the workshop needs to have the correct diagnostic tools to find and solve the problem.

The easiest way to answer that question is simply to ask. In fact, a useful way of choosing a workshop is to ask if you can have a look round. A mechanical business that happily invites you in for a look is clearly confident in both their abilities and the state of the workshop itself. A clean and tidy workshop run by clean and efficient mechanics tells you a lot.

On the other hand, if they are reluctant to let you look, or the workshop looks messy, you have to question why. And will the service be as sloppy as the surroundings?

Choosing a Specialist

Ask questions: these people will be working on one of your biggest investments! Let’s say you drive a vintage Porsche; it’s immaculate, it’s your pride and joy and you take very good care of it. Now you’re handing it over to a bunch of strangers in overalls!

Why not ask if the mechanic working on your car is fully qualified and trained to work on Porsche? If you’re lucky, you’ll be told that your mechanic was actually trained by Porsche in Europe!

Find out whether the business has the latest technical updates on your model. And, while you’re at it, ask whether they use genuine parts and oils. Prestige vehicles need prestige components.


Range of Services

Car repairs in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast can range from quick fixes, like brakes, to complicated and highly specialised jobs, like diagnosing an electronics-system problem. A good independent workshop, with well qualified mechanics, should be able to handle most jobs. You can always take a peak at their website beforehand; if you find a range of services offered, including engine rebuilds and restorations, you know you’re in good hands.

Interestingly, in consumer surveys, customers have higher levels of satisfaction with independent workshops over dealerships. Have a look at the website and read some of the testimonials. Or ask people you know for a recommendation.

Licensing and Registration

In Australia, mechanics must meet certain licensing and registration requirements. You’ll usually find these displayed in the reception or customer service area. Do make sure you only use a properly licensed business, for your peace of mind and to cover yourself should something go wrong.

A workshop that guarantees its work is a pretty safe bet.

By their very nature, car repair shops are often located on the edge of town, or in an industrial area. With this in mind, be sure to ask what services they offer, including pick-up and drop-off, and free courtesy cars.

I’ve seen too many people left standing at bus stops or on their phone trying to arrange a lift! Making sure you get to your destination should be part of the service.

Fair Price

When it comes to price, you should expect to be given an itemised invoice. Read it while you’re at the workshop and, if something doesn’t make sense, ask for an explanation. A good mechanic will not only be happy to explain but will also tell you about any other issues that will need attention in the future, so that you can budget for the repair.

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