What is a Home Water Testing Kit and How Does it Work?


Are you even 50% sure that the water you use and water you drink is safe completely? The world today faces drastic clean water issues. Many bacteria and impurities can make their way to your tap water, such as lead, nitrate, pesticides, and copper, and many more. They may not be visible, but fortunately, you can taste them for your water safety. The best and easiest way to test the purity of the water in your tap and that of coming out of your tap is using a home water testing kit.

What Is A Home Water Testing Kit?

A home water test kit is a water testing system that is used for tracing harmful elements and checking if the water reserves meet the standards of pH, hardness, chlorine, pesticides, lead, nitrates, nitrites, fertilizers, copper, iron, alkalinity, and thus require no further laboratory testings and long-awaited results. You can test your home water with a kit whenever you want to, but there are certain steps that you need to perform to make the process understandable.

How Do Home Water Testing Kits Work?

Home water testing kits are very simple and easy to use. They are made user-friendly to avoid complexity. Anyone, with the help of a home water testing kit, can test the quality of water for various impurities and matter presence in that sample of water.

Such water testing kits come up with few strips that change into different colors due to the presence of different elements. The colors change because those strips contain certainly relatable reactants that give regarded responses. For testing a certain reservoir of water at your home, you just have to put a drop of that water on that strip, and the strip will change colors according to the impurity present, what you have to do simply is just to carefully read instructions to know what the results are informing you about.

Just like this:

One water testing kit may tell you about bacteria only, that is, it would be designed to give results about only one element, or some may tell you about more than that one, and some may be all in one as well, that is, tell about every kind of impurity present in the water.

Apart from the type of home water testing kit written about above, other types of kits are also used that follow different procedures for water testing. They can also check well water purity levels, and not only tap water and governmental reservoirs.

Some kits are also digitized and use microprocessor technology for testament. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen is featured on it that tells about the impurity percentage in water by TDS- testing dissolved solids, that is referred to any sort of mineral, salt or metal presence in that water sample. The lower the TDS, the lower the impurity of water. Such type of kits can check the number of containment just not in drinking water and purifications but also in pools, spas, hydroponics, aquariums and so much more.

Some kits also use meter reading systems following the similar TDS system as above, thus, picking on salts, metals, and minerals. It starts working when it is turned on and is put into a glass of water as a sample. The system also tells when it is time to change your water filter finally.

Some water kits also do tell you about the electricity conduction ability of that water.

While there are some home water testing kits that enlighten you about readings for the temperature of drinking water as well.

All these kits are so easily handling and can provide quick results to you from within minutes to even 5 seconds only.

Also, these water testing kits are not so expensive and actually are easily affordable. The prices are friendly and generally, range from 10$-30$.

Hence, the home water testing kits are becoming popular very quickly as they provide you with a good deal of complete package of the fulfillment of your water needs; since clean water is becoming a necessity today. Not only that they are easily purchasable but also give you quick results in a span of few minutes and some even with few seconds only.


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