Effective Ways for Graphic Designers to Make Money on Instagram

Effective Ways for Graphic Designers to Make Money on Instagram

Are you a graphic designer looking for ways to do business? Do you know that Instagram has over 800 million monthly users today and if you are not using this platform for your services you will sink into oblivion in no time!

Yes, with Instagram, you can make money as a graphic designer. Instagram is visual, and millions of people are sharing images and photos at a single given point in time. If you are smart, you can use Instagram to reach out to this huge targeted audience who are looking for graphic design professionals. You can make money on Instagram and get rich. Now, the question is how?

Effective Ways for Graphic Designers to Make Money on Instagram

Some useful ways for you to make money on Instagram as a graphic designer online –

  1. Convert to a business account- Are you still using your account to market your graphic designing services? If yes, convert your account to a business account now. The procedure is simple. You need to log onto settings and change. However, to switch to an Instagram business page, make sure you first create a business page on Facebook. If you have a business page on Facebook, you can easily convert your personal Instagram account into a business profile instantly. Once you get your business profile, you will get better insights into your clients.
  2. Create a good bio and add a link to your website- You need to tell your targeted audience what you do. You need a good bio and a high- resolution picture. Do not use a blurred image as your profile picture. The image should be clean and clear. Instagram allows you to post active links only in the bio section. When you are posting this link, use it prudently. You want your targeted audience to find you. You may post a link of your project, website or online portfolio if you want to. In short, this link will fetch you targeted clients. When you are posting this link in the bio section of your profile, make sure that it is working and not broken. In case, the client clicks on this link and finds it is a broken link, he or she will not come back to your page again.
  3. Your Instagram feed is like a portfolio- You are a graphic designer, and so images should be crucial for you. Your feed on Instagram is a window to your portfolio. It should be intensely professional. Your feed will introduce your clients to what you do and what you can deliver. When you are creating a new post, keep this point in mind. Not only will your feed invoke response but it will also generate real Instagram followers. In case, you have fewer followers on your business Instagram page, buy them from Gram Blast. When you are creating a new post, remember you are building a loyal audience. Deliver good images that invoke likes and shares. The posts you create must be engaging. They should deliver the core message of your business. To create compelling feeds, think of how your photographs look next to one another. Think of the right color themes you should use. Apply the appropriate photo filters. In short, your feeds should be compelling enough to give your targeted audience a clear insight into what you do.
  4. Hashtags and captions- What is the point of having a business page on Instagram if your targeted audience cannot find you? Yes, it is crucial for you to have good knowledge about hashtags and how they work. In case, you are new to Instagram, check competitor websites and see the hashtags they use. You are a graphic designer so incorporate keywords related to it like graphic design, graphic designing, visuals, etc. This will help you reach out to people looking for you. Instagram says you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post. This means when you are creating hashtags for the post, use the prominent keywords that help the targeted audience find you faster. You should research the trending hashtags online. These popular hashtags will help you reach out to the people looking for you. However, experts say you should use 10-15 hashtags in a single post. Do not clutter your post with an overload of hashtags. Captions are equally important. When you are writing your caption, keep the essential words in the beginning. The audience should get the chance to see what you do. Do not allow the crucial services get hidden under the read more option. When you are creating a caption, include a call-to-action link. This helps your client a lot. The client gets the link to conduct the desired action faster. He or she does not have to waste time to search for a direct link that connects you to him or her.
  5. Instagram Stories and Videos- Do not miss out on Instagram videos and Instagram Stories when you are looking for ways to make money as a graphic designer. With both these features, you effectively can reach out to the targeted audience faster. Instagram Stories are visible for only 24 hours, and this prompts instant sharing. Videos can create a far greater impact over still pictures. Combine them and create compelling posts. Clients will be engaged better online, and they will make an earnest effort to find you.

Wrapping things up

Therefore, with these five ways, you can make money on Instagram as a graphic designer. They are simple and feasible for every graphic designer to incorporate. Instagram is a lucrative platform for you to make money. Bank on it and allow your targeted audience to find you easier. The platform is a mobile one, and you can always manage your posts from any place. You can easily interact with your targeted audience and gradually make consistent money in the process as a graphic designer. These ways are effective for both new and experienced professionals in the field!

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