Difference Between Sit-on-Top and Sit-in Cheap Fishing Kayaks

The debate on which is better – a sit-on-kayak or sit-in-kayak among kayaks is on since long. A beginner in the kayaking field always find difficult to choose between the two categories as they lack proper information on the two. Both have their own specifications and benefits which can only be understood when studied closely. We have made the job easier with the details shared about sit-on-kayaks and sit-on-kayaks in this article. Once a person knows about the features and advantages of each, choosing between the best sit-on-top kayak and a sit-in-kayak becomes simpler.

A Sit-On-Top kayak (SOT) was first introduced for leisure purpose very similar to a surfboard in design. It has a small cockpit or seat on the top of the kayak for the paddler. In the bottom, there are small drain holes referred as scupper holes to help drain out water reaching the cockpit. An SOT kayak can suffice 4 paddlers and is highly popular for sports today as it allows easy access to the equipment and smooth entry into the water. They are wider in size as compared to the sit-in-kayaks.


A sit-on-top fishing kayak has got many advantages which include:

Virtually unsinkable: Even if a SOT kayak tips over, it won’t sink! Yes, a person can simply flip them again to get back to the paddling position. The water entering the cockpit is easily drained out through the scupper holes.

Easy access to gear: Sit-on-top kayaks allow easy access to the storage. The paddler doesn’t need to struggle to reach the storage areas.

More comfortable for large people: The wide frame and open air cockpit, people of large size and weight will find it more suitable and stable than a SIK.

Sit-on-top kayaks are cost-effective than SIKs: Sit-on-tops are thinner as they are made of lesser materials than SIKs and are very portable.

Offers an easy to get into waters: If you like surfing or scuba diving, a sit-on-top kayak makes the job of getting into the water easily.

Sit-In-Kayak (SIT)

A Sit-In-Kayak or SIK is the traditional style of kayaking in which the paddler sits in a closed cockpit having legs inside the kayak. Most of them have adjustable cup holders, backrests, footrests, armrests located inside the cockpit to provide maximum comfort to the paddler.


Offers increased stability as compared to a Sit-On-Top fishing kayak: As the cockpit is enclosed and inside the kayak, the kayaker or paddler is always on the water line. This is what keeps the kayak stable and avoids tipping over.

Remain dry and out of water: With the enclosed cockpit, the water is restricted to splash onto the kayaker. It doesn’t have any drain holes in the base/bottom and this keeps the compartment completely dry.

More storage area than a sit-on-top kayak: If a person is looking for a camping or longer fishing trips, sit-in cheap fishing kayaks are best recommended as there is better space to store the gear.

Get the best sit-on-top fishing kayaks keeping in mind the advantages and the purpose you seek it for.

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