How to Choose A Great IAS Coaching In Chennai?

To be an Indian Administrative Service officer is a dream that millions aspire to every year as do many for a seat in the rarefied halls of Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). While the dream is worthy of having, the reality is arduous. To be a public servant, one has to pass the three stages of the UPSC conducted civil services exam.

The recruitment test, as set by the Union Public Service Commission, is divided into three parts:

Preliminary Exam: which is an objective test

Main Exam: which is a subjective written test

Interview: which is an oral personality test

Passing even one stage is tough, clearing all three is a herculean task. But once you pass it with flying colors, the results are immensely rewarding. The question is how to prepare for the IAS exam. The answer lies with an IAS coaching. An institute is the best place to prepare for the UPSC examination. Find the best IAS coaching in Chennai and clearing all three stages of the test will be effortless.

This article dives into how you can find the perfect coaching for IAS preparation in Chennai. The process is not as simple as it appears. The choices available to an IAS aspirant are numerous. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the rule of one size fits all doesn’t apply to coachings. What might be an excellent choice for one student, might not be the ideal one for another civil service aspirant. Look for the following factors when considering enrolling in an IAS academy.

Does the coaching fit your requirements?

The apt coaching for a candidate is one that equips them in the manner they need. For example, some students require help from the very stage which is the Prelims exam till the very end which is the interview stage. In some cases, the aspirant may only want coaching for one part of the test like the Mains. Therefore, it stands to reason that good coaching will provide this option – the choice to enroll just for preparing for the Mains and the Interview.

Therefore, the best fit for an aspirant who wants tutoring for all three stages will be very different from the one who requires coaching only during the Interview phase. Find the academy in Chennai that suits your requirement.

Talk to past and current students.

Conversing with students who are enrolled in the coaching presently will give you an idea of their experience. Talking to students who have already finished the course at the academy is also a sound technique. Both conversations can help you decide if the coaching you are contemplating joining is worth it or not.

Ignore peer pressure.

Most civil services aspirants are young kids. Being young means caving to peer pressure is very easy. As a result, you will be tempted to join an IAS coaching in the city that your friends are enrolling in. Do not fall for the pressure of friends and acquaintances. It is not essential that an institute for IAS prep that fits your friend is also appropriate for you.

Talk to the faculty.

The teachers, mentors, and faculty of an IAS academy in Chennai are crucial. Good teachers who have a firm grasp of the subject and can communicate it well can make a massive difference in the preparation. Therefore, talk to the faculty of every institute and judge if they make for suitable teachers or not.

Do they offer demos and study material?

The easiest way to judge if the coaching in Chennai is worthy or not is to sit for a demo class. The single class can give a fair idea of the teaching methodology of the institute and if it suits your learning process or not. Furthermore, ask if the coaching offers quality study material to the students. The content should be comprehensive and include the entire scope of the syllabus. Additionally, find out if the material focuses on getting the student a good rank in the exam so that opting for IAS becomes an option.

How big is the class batch size?

A too large class points to a teacher who is unable to give complete and focused attention to each student. If the number of students crosses a specific limit, it is impossible for any faculty to answer all the queries of all the students. One or two will always be left behind and unsolved. Thus, ask the coaching about the total strength of a batch.

What are the past credentials of the coaching?

While it is not possible for an academy to produce IAS toppers every year, a good UPSC coaching will have a decent success rate. Find out how many past students of the institute have cleared the IAS exam and what ranks did they achieve. Base your decision on the answer. Solid coaching which sets you up for success will have a repertoire of IAS officers as their alum


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