The Best 12 Honeymoon Locations of the Year

Some couples might choose tungsten carbide rings as replacements for expensive gold rings or platinum rings, which sound a good way to go for saving money. After wedding, honeymoon vocations are perhaps the second thing which couples yearn for most. Some people want to take some adventurous trips; some want to go to a romantic location; some prefer quite places; some enjoy lovely tourist sites. No matter what you favor, one of the following locations will match your preference.

1. Best honeymoon location in January: New Zealand

Possessing the most diverse and exciting landscapes in the world, New Zealand is evidently a choice all year around. However, in January, some sites in New Zealand might become more appealing as honeymoon locations as white beaches together with hike trails in their surrounding beautiful mountains start to attract more attentions. Good hotel services and delicious food add to this appeal.

2. Best honeymoon location in Feburary: St. Lucia

For couples who enjoy wines and climbing mountains, St. Lucia will be one of the best choices in February. In St. Lucia, you will have plenty of opportunities to hike, explore beaches that were created by volcanic eruptions, and surf waves. You will even get to swim and capture fish in local rivers, which you may cook for dinners. You may also choose to walk through its world famous rain forest, where you will get to see waterfalls.

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3. Best honeymoon location in March: Tulum, Mexico

Spring starts in March in Tulum, a place in Mexico known for its beautiful waters and white beaches. Some couples may walk to the Tulum ruins after spending some time on a beach. When it is getting dark, no other arrangement is comparable to a candle lit dinner for a newlywed couple.

4. Best honeymoon location in April: Kruger National Park, South Africa

Our suggestion for a honeymoon location in April is Kruger national park, a historic spot in South Africa. There, you will not only get to see photo collections of wild animals. You will also have plenty opportunities to witness them walk by your vehicle. We suggest that you make a reservation for a luxury suite equipped with a pool and deck. On deck, you will be able to see wildlife. Beautiful sunrise and sunset will be a bonus.

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5. Best honeymoon location in May: Bali, Indonesia

The name Best Honeymoon Location belongs to Bali in Indonesia. In May, when the weather gets warm, Bali’s stunning beaches are the places couples must go to. You may also pay for a Balinese therapist’s massage which enjoys a worldwide reputation. If you choose to do it on top of a building and order some cocktail, the beautiful sunset and excellent drink will add to your great experience.

6. Best honeymoon location in June: Punta Mita, Mexico

Speaking of Best Honeymoon location in June, Punta Mita of Mexico comes to mind naturally. At this particular location, you have plenty of options. You may swim, dive or simply sunbathe on a beach. Immersing yourself in a spa or golf games are equally good choices. Though the summer here is mild, it is necessary for you to wear a sun hat and applying sun protection cream to your exposed skin in order not to get sun burns.


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7. Best honeymoon location in July: Scotland

Scotland is the best choice for honeymoon location in July. Its capital Edinburgh is full of culturally enriched architectures including an ancient castle and alleys from medieval ages. Its famous music festivals such as the International Film Festival, the Jazz and Blues Festival will cool you down on a hot summer day. You may book rooms on a private property, where you will enjoy a quiet and romantic space far away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

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8. Best honeymoon location in August: Lake Tahoe, California

For a honeymoon location in August, we recommend Lake Tahoe in California. On a sunny morning in August, nothing is better than eating your breakfast in bed while enjoying the tranquility brought by the sunlight that is shed through the glass ceiling. Yes, here the transparent floor-ceiling hotel is the key to this special arrangement. In addition, you may try hiking or kayaking or get on a private cruise.

9. Best honeymoon location in September: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife is known for its warm and sunny days throughout the year. Despite that, September is the best time for tourist visit because the price is the lowest at this time of the year. With its beautiful beaches and plenty of places for hiking, it is ideal for couples who are into outdoor activities.

10. Best honeymoon location in October: Morocco

With over 300 days of sunshine, Morocco is the ideal place in October for a honeymoon trip. With resort areas and easy access to beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Coast, this small country is filled with romantic atmosphere. Many mysterious villages will trigger your adventurous spirits. Special local cooking will definitely contribute to your satisfaction.


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11. Best honeymoon location in November: Jeju Island, South Korea

Of all the tourist sites, Jeju Island keeps a pretty low profile. Nevertheless, its rich wildlife and plants draw many visitors all year around. Despite its popularity, we recommend you to spend your honeymoon there in November when it is the time of the year to appreciate beautiful foliages. Halla Mountain, the East Gate Market as well as the National Park are in the must-go list.

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12. Best honeymoon location in December: Indian Ocean Islands

Indian Ocean Islands, one of the most visited places in winter, will undoubtedly be the destination for a honeymoon trip in December. Despite the snowy weather in the other half of the world, it is among the few where beaches are still pleasant to walk on. Besides, its reputed white and green turquoise and delicious seafood will be one among the reasons for you to go.

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