Antigua: A perfect destination for lively & active families

For a perfect and active family holiday in the Caribbean, Antigua is an ideal destination. And its small size complements to a complete tour in less time without any sufficient spending. The journey to Starfish Jolly Beach Resort and many other amazing spots is just a hop and a skip.

Now is the time to grab Antigua and Barbuda passport to explore the island up, close and in person with plenty of family-friendly tourist options. Start with the Rainforest Zip line tour which is set in the lushest-most area of Antigua and would definitely have you flying and hopping between biggest and tallest trees. Finish the tour with a memorable drink at a café neatly suspended in the tree canopy.

Next one’s Jeep Safari tour taking you through some of the most isolated parts of the island, complete with a professional guide. You’ll get to see exotic tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes and pineapples in their truest form. The tour usually winds at the vast natural setting of coral known commonly as Devil’s Bridge.

There’re plenty of playgrounds around the island and its many hotels but nothing can beat the adrenaline feel of the D-Boat Water Adventure Park within and around a ship just offshore. There’re lots of waterslides, trampolines and ropes to slide and hop on while enjoying bananas along the way.

If yours is a family looking for unforgettable and mesmerising vistas, historical areas are worth exploring like the reinstated sugar plan at the Betty’s Hope and its renovated windmill per the modern standards.

English Harbour in the southeast of Antigua is where you’ll find the world’s only active Georgian naval dockyard namely ‘Nelson’s Dockyard’ which is proudly entitled as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site since 2016. The place seems to be untouched by the modern buzz and isolated from rest of Antigua which give it the true authentic feel. The famous admiral was commissioned here as a young man and the very thought of him walking around casually further raise one’s spirit.

Exploring the brilliant children’s museum would give you the idea and feel of a sailor two centuries ago due to the amazing display models of ships and actual climbable ropes. At the Shirley Heights are Antigua’s most prominent military fortifications that nowadays cater to national events, occasions and local parties hosted mostly on Sundays and Thursdays. Have a relaxing meal at Shirley Heights restaurant which is entirely family-friendly and less rowdy even in parties and events.

Besides the strong naval association of the island with Britain, cricket is Antigua’s favourite sport and rather a passion for game runs deep within. Cricket grounds here aren’t just limited to the hotels or international teams but a regular source of fun for all to enjoy.


If there’s a test match during your visit to the island on a valid Antigua and Barbuda passport, be sure not to miss the opportunity.

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