7 helpful tips on how to have an efficient kitchen layout

A kitchen is where people do a great many things. This is where people welcome guests for an anniversary celebration. It’s where people prepare meals for their kids, scramble eggs for a relaxed brunch and plan meals for the rest of the week. If you are planning to build a new home or renovate an existing structure, you’ll want to have the best possible kitchen layout. A good kitchen layout makes the kitchen easier to use. It also makes it possible to welcome lots of people to create wonderful family memories. When working with Urban Kitchens Brisbane, think about the kind of kitchen details you like best. Having an overall plan, enough storage space and plenty of room to prep food is essential.

An Overall Plan

Kitchens have many kinds of layouts. In general, however, many kitchens follow a certain kind of plan. A kitchen may be U shaped in which everything is organized around three corners. The kitchen might also follow an L shape in which the space uses two walls. All homeowners should think closely about the kind of plan they want in their kitchen before they begin. A thoughtful kitchen layout can make the most of any existing space and make sure the homeowner has everything they need in easy reach at all times.

Placement of Appliances

Appliances are crucial when planning a kitchen. Every single kitchen will have many appliances to make it possible to make meals such as a dishwasher, fridge and stove top. The ideal placement of such appliances is one that makes it easy to cook every single day. Any efficient kitchen layout should keep in mind how people move when they’re in the kitchen. For example, placing the fridge too far away from the oven can make it hard to take things out and bring them to the oven. Appliances need to be placed properly so the homeowner is not expanding too much energy and getting tired making a meal. They also need to be placed so they’re not blocking people from entering or leaving the room. Having a close look at appliance placement before starting is idea.

Room for Company

Many people love inviting friends and family over when they cook. Cooking with several people at a time is fun. Any great kitchen plan provides plenty of room for guests. Guests can participate in many aspects of cooking. They can help with preparing meals, cleaning up and watching kids as they help cook. If you do a lot of entertaining or you have a large family, you’ll want to make sure they have room to stretch out with you as you cook. Layouts that include plenty of spaces where guests can sit such as an island where you can place chairs is ideal. This way, people can be part of everything that goes on in the kitchen with you.

Storage Space

When thinking about a kitchen, keep storage space in mind. Storage space is important as it allows the homeowner to keep everything they need in the same place. Enough storage space means that the homeowner can readily grab that bowl exactly when they need it. Any kind of kitchen layout should allow for organized storage. Installing items such as a roll out tray makes it easy for people to find the things they need in their own homes. The same is true of having revolving shelving. Revolving shelving makes it easy to keep lots of smaller items in place. This is a good place to keep spices, items like measuring spoons and gadgets like a garlic press that make cooking much easier.

Prepping Area

Cooking often involves a great deal of prep work. Prepping can take many forms. Vegetables need to be chopped for soups and stews. Meat needs to be marinated in order to bring in additional flavor. A chef should be aware of the steps they need to take in order to make sure the meal they want is ready. A well planned out kitchen layout is one that makes it easy to accomplish this prepping. It’s best to have a wide variety of cutting boards on hand in order to make sure that food is kept safe. A good kitchen layout allows for lots of space to fix up meals. Having a preparing area also makes it easy to prepare meals in large quantities. Freezing extra food can make it possible for the cook to have good food with ease for the rest of the week.

Cleaning Up

Keeping a kitchen in great shape also means making it easy for people to clean up. A good kitchen layout is one that lets the homeowner clean up fast. All areas of the kitchen should be within easy reach of all cleaning tools. Mopping up is easier when the owner does not have to get into hard to reach spaces. A kitchen layout should also have spaces to store cleaning products. Cleaning products need to be stored safely and out of the reach of children. It’s a good idea to leave dedicated space in the kitchen for cleaning items and chemicals. Keeping them away from food in a place where any spills can easily removed is best.

The Rest of the House

Access to the kitchen from other spaces in the home should also be considered when planning any kind of layout. If the kitchen leads to a deck, it should be easy to open any doors to the terrace without hitting other things in the room. The same is true of access to the space from areas like the dining room. Having easy access makes it easy to access food and serve it to guests. A longer walk can make it harder to keep food cold or hot. If you do a lot of entertaining or hold family dinners, you’ll want to make sure you can bring in food without obstacles in your path.


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