10 Perfect Places to Tie the knot

Weddings are some of the most romantic and sentimental events you will ever attend. Oftentimes, a bride and groom will remember their wedding as one of the happiest events of their relationship. For all these reasons people often spend a lot of time and money planning a wedding. You may shop for wedding dresses Perth or agonize over which caterer to choose. However, one of the most important things is choosing a wedding venue. You may want to choose a memorable location. You also want to consider the cost and the size of your wedding.

10. Destination Wedding

A destination wedding will often cost a lot of money. However, one benefit is that your guests will feel as if they’re attending a wedding and a vacation at the same time. The destination you choose is entirely up to you. Some couples opt for a Caribbean island. Others want to go on an African safari. Wedding-goers can enjoy local cuisine and learn more about a foreign culture. Couples may also opt to stay an extra week in their wedding location for their honeymoon. This saves the airfare and other costs of traveling to another location for a honeymoon.

9. Beach Wedding

One benefit of a beach wedding is that sand and water provide a relaxing environment. For brides and grooms who want an informal affair, a beach wedding is a good option. A beach will provide all of the scenery you need. This means you won’t have to worry about decorations. You can even choose a friend to officiate your wedding, which will save you even more.

8. Mountain Wedding

A couple I know got married on the Appalachian Mountain Trail. They chose a path they often hiked together. It was a small and intimate affair. They didn’t rent the venue or hire a caterer. Instead, they brought food in their backpacks and camped overnight. Such a wedding is great for those who love nature and want to spend their time with a few friends who enjoy mountain air and wildlife.

7. Wedding at a Local Civic Center

Local towns and cities often rent out space to private individuals. Depending on which venue you choose, you could get space to accommodate several hundred people. Such venues are probably best for those who hope to host at least one hundred guests. Such a wedding won’t have the fanfare or hoopla of an exotic destination. However, a civic center wedding is traditional and practical.

6. Church Wedding

A church wedding is among the best choices for those who want a traditional wedding. Having a wedding at your church is probably slightly cheaper than renting a room in your city civic center. If you really want to save money, you could also ask church friends to bring a dish or donate the time to help decorate.

5. Botanical Gardens

A local park or botanical gardens is an ideal venue for a romantic person. The shrubbery and floral arrangements make the scenery particularly beautiful. People who want a picture-perfect backdrop for photos will have a lot of options at a botanical garden. However, renting such a venue can be expensive. It’s best to contact several options and price shop before making a commitment.

4. Rent-a-House Wedding

Some families choose to rent a large, private home to use as a wedding venue. Renting a private home may provide less space than you would get at a large park or botanical garden. However, having a wedding at home provides a relaxed atmosphere for the wedding party and guests.

3. Bed and Breakfast Wedding

A small bed and breakfast is a good option for those who want to have a small wedding. Many of these businesses are owned by local business owners, so it helps support small business owners rather than city governments or corporations. You should also be able to negotiate catering and lodging as part of your wedding package.

2. Mutual Interest Wedding

Two of my friends wed an out-of-state library. Both are English teachers. They spend a lot of time reading passages aloud to each other or suggesting books. So because libraries are so important to them, a library wedding sounding only natural. Not everyone is into libraries, though. Begin by thinking about what you and your significant another share in common. Are you both fans of a particular athletic team? A wedding in a parking lot with your team’s stadium in the background would be unique. You could even suggest that your guests wear jerseys or other team gear. It would be a once in a lifetime experience.

1. Sentimental Venue

Some couples have a particular spot that they think of as their “place.” Maybe you met your future spouse at a museum or even at the high school you attended. Wherever it was, consider having your wedding in that place. Chances are you already have fond memories of the place where you met your loved one. Having your wedding there would add to those special memories.

One of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your wedding is the venue. If you are a nature lover, consider having an outdoor wedding in a park, mountain trail or beach. If you are more traditional, perhaps you will choose a church or a home wedding. However, the best venue is probably one that has sentimental value for you and your fiancé.

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