10 Crucial Things to Consider while Choosing a Music Academy for your Child

Looking for a good music institute for your child? There are several factors to consider before you take the big plunge. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Facility and Equipment

A reputed and quality music school will always be equipped with professional and well maintained high quality instruments. The academies also have very spacious studios to accommodate the teacher, student, and parents. Students must get ample opportunity to play on high quality instruments while learning lessons. Also make sure the studios have good air quality and lighting. Environment plays a crucial role for optimal learning.

2. Programs

Many music schools offer a huge variety of program options starting from special classes for younger children, teenagers, and professionals. Group music classes and specialized programs are also offered. Speak to the authorities about the program and level that will be appropriate for your child’s age and expertise.

3. School Operations

It is important that every music school remains financially sustainable. Hence, it takes more than just a single business owner to run a great music academy. The school operations should also be managed by highly experienced musician, leader, and educator. A strong team with an efficient leader should organize, implement and oversee the music school. So take your time and research about school. You must get to know who runs the school. Also learn about his or her mission, vision and values.

4. Awards and Recognition

It matters a lot! A good music school which has been in the industry for quite some time will definitely have some laurels in its account. So make sure you ask for the awards, certificates, titles, and recognition the school has to its credit.

5. Teachers’ Credentials

This is extremely important. After all, the mentor is going to play an important role in your child’s life. See how competent the teachers are. Try knowing about their credentials. Look for their educational and professional achievements. The teachers should be capable of performing proficiently on their instruments. This is how they will inspire their students.

6. School Website

Always check out the school website before making the final decision. Make sure it offers correct information, offers informative articles, authentic pictures of venue, students, and teachers and much more. Check out reviews and testimonials too.

7. Venue is Important

Check the location of the school carefully. Make sure it accommodates a concert hall for regular practice, performance experiences and rehearsals. Most reputed music academies offer a professional recording studio for recording facilities.


8. No Stock Pictures

Stock photos on website of music academy are a no-no. These do nothing but mislead readers. So you must verify that pictures presented as the venue of school on the website are live representative of the real school venue.

9. Check Success Rate

Most schools claim sending their students for examinations and competitions. This is good. However, when assessing, you need to look for results. Check out the success rate. A good music school must do much more than just preparing students. Helping them achieve goals should be their prime aim.

10. Assessment of Performance Quality

These academies may post static pictures on their websites and blogs. However, nothing can explain the quality of performance better than a video. Many reputed music schools are uploading videos of classes, kids performing and other activities. Evaluating video content carefully will help you a lot. Look for teachers’ performances; check the standard and quality of the performances, instructors, etc.

Taking the above listed points into consideration will help you find the best music school for your child.

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