10 Best Wedding Table Designs Ideas on a Budget

Your wedding table designs should reflect the theme of your wedding and even complement your wedding’s dress styles, flowers, everything. Depending on the wedding’s theme, your wedding table design can be understated and chic or it can be bold and brash. The key to finding the right design is to look at your overall wedding design and then do a creative take on that theme. That means you should consider the design elements present in every element of your wedding. Not sure what that might look like? Well then, how about taking a look at these wedding table design ideas? They’re as fancy as the fanciest as wedding dresses in Perth LuvBridal, but oh so simple to make.

1. Tapered Candle Centerpieces

Tapered candles represent the epitome of class, and Martha Stewart Weddings highlights a simple, yet elegant way to turn some simple tapered candles into a lovely centerpiece. Start by getting tapered candles that match your wedding colors. Next, choose candle holders of various heights. Place candles into three candle holders of different heights, and then cluster the three candles together in the center of the table. Decorate the candle holder bases with silk flowers, pretty baubles, and other wedding-themed pretties.

2. Table Runners

A striking centerpiece isn’t all about the flowers. The prettiest table designs also include other elements, like decorative linens and even wedding-themed table runners Elle Decor suggests that those who want to use a table runner choose one that adds a dramatic contrast to the vases and the flowers. If you have a long table with several centerpieces on it, then add a runner with a bold pattern or color combination to the mix. Place it underneath your centerpieces. This unifies the look of the table and allows you to visually connect all of the centerpieces on the table.

3. Lanterns

Here’s a sweet idea from Brides.com. Lanterns with frosted glass lamps allow you to set a romantic mood. They also allow you to extend the reach of your lighting beyond the tables. To pull off this look, buy decorative lanterns that are lit by candlelight. If you have round tables at your reception, then place one on each of your reception tables (or if you have long table, then place a series of them in a line down the middle of each table). Once the tables are decorated, take the remaining lanterns to the walkway leading up to the reception hall and place lanterns on each side of the walk to light your guests’ footsteps.

4. Flowering Cacti

A pink flowering cactus in a decorative terra cotta pot makes an excellent centerpiece choice for the Southwest wedding. Embellish the basic design by laying a theme-appropriate table runner under the cacti. Add more desert elements, like fresh citrus fruits and desert flowers around the bases of the cacti plants to complete the look of wedding table.

5. Fall Harvest

The colors of fall add a stunning array of color to your wedding table designs. Best of all, the elements for this table are in ready supply at the local farmer’s market. Start with a table runner that features reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. Next, gather up pumpkins, gourds, and squashes of various sizes. Place these on the table, with the tallest items going in the center of each centerpiece and the shorter items flanking its sides. Bottles of fall harvest wine also make a nice touch to this type of centerpiece and provide some of the beverages throughout the reception meal. If you go this route, then make the bottles of wine the center of the centerpieces and flank them with mini-pumpkins, gourds, and fall fruits.

6. Stripes

Some wedding themes, like an Alice in Wonderland theme, lend themselves to bold colors and patterns. If you’d like to add some boldness to your stable wedding table design ala Alice, then think about adding either a striped tablecloth or a striped table runner. Choose wide stripes and a black and white color scheme to really go for the bold!

7. Unconventional Color Schemes

Your wedding shows off your personal style, and there are few better ways to express your style than through the use of interesting color combinations. For example, if you’ve chosen brown and pink as the colors for your dresses, then extend that color scheme to your table designs as well. You might do this by opting for pink tablecloths with brown napkins or by choosing brown linens and pink flower bouquets. The idea is to choose colors that offer a striking contrast to one another.

8. Hanging Decorations

If you’re having an outdoor wedding under the cover of some trees with big branches, then why not try some hanging centerpieces? Just move your tables under the trees, and then place your floral arrangements in decorative hangers above the tables. Doing this gives you a decorative element for the tables, but clears up some table space for food, plates, and other dinner-related items.

9. Goldleaf

Formal wedding tables usually include fine China (instead of paper plates). If you’re going formal, then consider renting a China pattern and flatware with a gold leaf finish. Choose additional accessories, like linens with gold thread weaved throughout, vases with flecks of gold leaf, and even name cards written with a gold ink.

10. Silverware Rolls

Rolled silver counts as another traditional fine-dining table element. If you opt for this style of decorative table embellishments, then do be sure to add some visual interest to the silverware roll. Tie the silverware together with decorative ribbons. Tie in more decorative elements, like pheasant feathers, a branch of succulents, or a few sticks of cinnamon for some added visual interest.



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