10 Best Steps to Design a Great Garden – Landscap Designs

Gardening is not only a hobby but it is a passion for some people. All of us have appeal for nature. We feel comfortable in gardens because of freshness of nature. There was a time when gardening was considered as a useless activity in urban areas but now-a-days gardening is a hobby of many people in urban areas. Everyone wants to develop his own garden. Here are some steps to design a great garden.

Put Plants in Sequence:

There must be a sequence of plants in your garden. Randomly planted plants carry more space and spoil the beauty of the entire garden and hence ruin your entire effort.

Give a Wide Berth:

Make sure that the pathways are wide enough for comfortable passage and people do not have to squeeze through narrow spaces. Pathways should be wide enough for the passage of at least two people at a time.

Stairways Should Ascend Ggently:

The stairways in the garden should ascend gently to avoid daunting. The steps should not high more than six inches. Consider landings after five or six steps as it makes to progress easier.

Use Pesticides:

No one likes unwanted insects in the garden. You should regularly use pesticides to get rid of insects. The plenty of harmful insects may damage the beauty of plants so you should kill them before this could happen.  

Trim Plants Regularly:

There is no doubt about the beauty of natural appearance of plants but trimming of plants can make them more beautiful. Take trimmer with you in the garden and walk behind trimmer. It will definitely add something to the beauty of your garden.

Plan for Growth:

You should make a plan for the growth of plants. You should never face the shortage of plants instead you must have some extra plants to replace if some plants get damaged. You can grow some extra plants in pots or in some other containers these will be very helpful to you in critical situations.

Manage Distance:

You are recommended to replace the position of small plants with tall plants after some period otherwise these spaces may feel unduly cramped and crowded.   

Pluck Fruits in Time:

You should pluck fruits as soon as they ripe because the ripe fruits may get damaged with passage of time.

Clean Irrigation Pipes:

Do not compromise on the cleanliness of irrigation pipes because the continuous supply of water is essential for the life of plants. If you note the shortage of water supply then thoroughly clean the irrigation pipes.

Cover Plants in Cold:

There are some plants that can’t bear cold weather so you have to cover them in winter. If the size of plant is small then you can use a plastic soda bottle for this purpose but you have to use a large transparent polythene plastic bag if the size of plant is large.

Clean Garden Regularly:

Walk through the garden regularly and remove wastage and garbage regularly in order to clean your garden. There should not be any plastic bags, soda bottles or wrappers of anything. You can also use permanent dust bins for this purpose.

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