Whatsapp’s three new features that pushing the app with trends

Whatsapp's three new features that pushing the app with trendsWhatsapp is the biggest instant messaging platform available in the market with more than 1.5 billion users all around the globe. Whatsapp that is now a property of parent company Facebook gained huge popularity today. a simple UI with instant chatting feature without any complexity and easy to use make it unique and loved by users. However, with the increase of competition in the market and users expectations, you need to adopt the change and upgrade with trends. it seems a bit late in case of Whatsapp adapting new features but still as it impacts a huge audience, they need to be careful and choosy adding new features.

WhatsApp is known for easy-to-use UI and minimal features but recently there are many apps entered in the market and getting popularity with some value-added services like free voice and video call where you can make international calls on data without any other cost. As some other apps like Wechat and Line already covering the Chinese market and a potential user group with some latest features, WhatsApp needed to upgrade and add some new features to stay in the competition that they have done recently.

let’s take a look at some WhatsApp features that made it a better app.


1. Whatsapp voice and video calling


A free voice call over data is blessing feature. WhatsApp not release this feature until the end of 2016 where most of their competitors already released similar feature and people loved it. it was a bad idea to stick with only lightweight chat feature and was risky for WhatsApp to remain in the market. They released voice and video call with some UI changes in end of December 2016 that let you make international voice and video calls over data without any charges. Call quality is improved then and now you can get a better quality call experience at lower data usage.

2. Whatsapp stories

Started by snapchat, stories are media post containing images or video that remains for some limited time on your profile visible to your followers and then disappears. You can share your daily life moments with your family and friends and similar, you can explore the posts to whom you follow. After a great success of snapchat stories, Facebook started implementing this feature in their products including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and facebook app. Whatsapp got this feature with separate tab where users get publishing and sharing Whatsapp status stories. Stories on Whatsapp remain for 24 hours and then disappear. You can post 30 second short videos and images to your story and also able to see who visited your post. People really enjoy posting on Whatsapp. note that your posted story will only visible to your Whatsapp contacts who saved your number and you saved him/her number in contacts. There are some privacy options you can select to whom you want to show the story update. You can select the contact or exclude any selected contact to show your story.

3. Peer-to-Peer payment transfer

This feature is not yet released for all the users and still in beta testing mode. After WhatsApp’s announcement of money transfer feature, Google launched the Tez app in India that let people transfer money from bank account to any other Indian bank account. tez app’s popularity created some difficulty for Whatsapp to enter the market with a new feature as in India, there is already some big players like Paytm and phone pe covered online payment market. Still, with huge userbase and simplicity of features, WhatsApp will make its own image and will get a good response to this new payment feature.

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