For every budding business idea or start up in the hospitality industry, it is crucial that the latest technology trends have not been neglected because quite frankly, technology, rules hospitality industry, like other industries. That is why every hospitality business and start up must be in line with the latest technological trends. If looked at more closely, these trends mainly circulate around the iPad POS App, and the advancements made with time in that regard.

Interestingly, hospitality industry is gaining in leaps and bounds riding on the waves of global tourism popularity. Coupled with on the go connectivity, hospitality industry is poised to gain more than others by benefitting from iPad POS systems. Some of the most glaring advantages include faster checkouts, most effective customer engagement tools, powerful features of mob apps, cost savings, customer analytical edge, enhanced customer interaction, better service and optimized business image projection.

Here are some technology trends that are supposed to be a big thing in 2019 that people belong to the hospitality industry should check out:

AI supporting machines

AI has already made its way to other industries because AI is the need of the hour. Hospitality businesses have started to adopt AI supporting machinery to update there CRM and POS systems, because AI has proved to be efficient and user friendly, and that’s the two things that are your key to success when it comes to the hospitality industry.

Self servicemobile apps

Let’s be honest, majority of the people are on a look out to avoid unnecessary human interactions and this includes the frequent interactions between the hospitality staff and the customers. However, technology has found a way to minimize these interactions by launching apps for the service automation. A lot of hotels have come up with apps through which users can browse through the services such as room service etc. This way of service is also more efficient since chances of any misinterpretation are very slim and the customers are thoroughly satisfied with the services they receive. An expected rise in the adoption of this technique by the hospitality industry is expected in 2019.

Better security for customers through iPad POS Apps

A lot of people can relate to losing or forgetting their room keys since it’s an extra piece of luggage that they have to be mindful of while being on a holiday. One thing that this generation never forgets to take with themselves are cellphones. So why not transform these cellphones into electronic room keys as well! It is more secure and efficient for the staff as well as the customers.

VR technology linked with POS systems

There’s nothing better and more satisfying for the customers than to be fully aware of the place they are supposedly going to check in to. Virtual reality had made its way to the hospitality industry and hotels have created simulation for the customers to experience their place before booking via VR. This way the customers are able to find their right place and are fully satisfied with the services they receive since they make their decision after taking a full tour of the place.

AR technology

Unlike VR technology, the AR technology applications in the hospitality industry are still at their initial stages, but a lot growth is expected in the coming year because unlike VR technology in which the customers are placed in digital environment, AR brings technology to the personal space of the user, making the experience much more impactful.

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