6 Ways to Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper

It is always extremely relaxing when you live in a spotlessly clean home. Mess and clutter in a home always give you an excessive amount of stress. Here are the top six ways for you which will tell you the process of cleaning your house like a pro housekeeper.

Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper

At times, no matter how much amount of scrubbing, mopping and cleaning you manage to do, still your home does not give that spic-and-span feel. Check out these pro housekeeping cleaning rules and turn your home all into a sparkling looking oasis. Let your home to shine by following these top 6 cleaning ways:

1- Spraying cleaning products and giving them time to work

If you do not want to perform an intense scrubbing job then you can spray cleaning products and let them settle. This is how you can save a lot of time while doing the scrubbing. This is an especially useful technique for cleaning bathrooms.

Most of the cleaning products do not immediately and instantaneously disinfect. So, it is better to leave them and give them some time to settle. In this way, these cleaning products kill germs quickly and break down the dirt instantly. This technique implementation means you have less cleaning work to do. Furthermore, check out Mop Reviews from here.

2- Using a set cleaning pattern

Like a pro housekeeper, you should also follow a set cleaning pattern. You should not clean in a willy-nilly way. One should make use of a consistent pattern for cleaning up his room floors, bathroom floors, and furniture pieces.

Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper

Consistent cleaning pattern will not waste any of your time and you do not have to go back again and again to clean the spots which you have missed out on the first pass. Your cleaning job can be done like a pro if you will start to clean from left to right and then from top to bottom always.

3- Do dust away and clean your walls and ceilings

While you are cleaning the areas and sections of your rooms from top to bottom, right to left, you need to dust away and properly clean your ceilings and walls as well. You have to reach and clean all the corners. For such a job, you can use a microfiber mop, it will work great for you.

Even more, you can be tying an old towel or any kind of old t-shirt over a broom. This is one of the surprisingly effective ways to clean like a professional housekeeper. Cleaning your walls and ceilings on a regular basis will bring less dust in your home.

4- Vacuum Your Home Furniture

Vacuum Your Home Furniture

If you have any kind of upholstered furniture present in your home, then it eventually deserves an extended and detailed cleaning job. Make sure that your vacuum your home furniture on a weekly basis. This is how professionals keep their homes spic and span and completely groomed. While the person is vacuuming his furniture, he can also vacuum fabric lampshades,.

5- Selecting The Right Cleaning Tools

To come out as a pro housekeeper, selection of the right cleaning tools is must for you. There is no need to get and buy all specialty cleaning tools in order to give a professional-level clean look to your home, Just get microfiber cloths, clean sponges and a mop, a vacuum for cleaning your carpets and floors.

A scrub brush will further do a detail cleaning, these are all of the tools which you only need to get your house perfectly and spotlessly clean.

6- Cleaning The Stainless Steel Appliances And Make Them Shining Enough

All stainless steel appliances present in your home should look shining enough. You can have your appliances to look like new upon regularly cleaning them up. Use a microfiber cloth, wet one half of it.

Cleaning The Stainless Steel Appliances And Make Them Shining Enough

By using the wet half section, you can clean that stainless steel appliance. And then by using its dry section, you can dry your stainless steel decoration items. This is quite a simple technique which will transform your appliances completely fingerprint-free and cleaner enough.


Lastly, remember this golden cleaning rule, dust first and vacuum last. Do not forget to check out and read out the Mop Reviews from here. More pro housekeeping cleaning tips and techniques will be shared, so stay in touch.

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