4 Best Ways to Build Muscles

Whenever we talk about specific outcomes like maintaining weight or growing muscles, then patience always plays an important role in these target zones.

To see a change in your body, for sure, it takes a lot of time. Growing and building up your muscles, this is a tough task to accomplish. You can follow below-mentioned four effective ways to build muscles.

When your approach is off, then you will fail to see an obvious improvement in your muscles size. So, always follow effective approach and strategies.

1. Increasing the volume of your training

Build Muscles

By increase in training volume, we mean that you should be able to increase the number of reps.

This is one of the primary determinants to grow your muscles strongly and intensely. Your training should be focused more on intensity and strength.

Try to lift the maximum amount of weight for one rep. If you want to get the desired volume for your muscles, then you should lift three to six sets by doing 10 to 20 reps.

When it comes to lifting weight, then a person usually focuses on concentric phase and eccentric phase.

The former one is also called as a hard phase and later one is called easy phase. Building muscles mean that one should focus more on the eccentric phase.

Try to do more and more squats. This comes in eccentric action zones. It is researched that eccentric workout is far and much better when triggering hypertrophy. Also, you will get complete information on muscle food discount code from this page.

2. Eating More Protein And Consuming More Calories

Build Muscles

Growing muscles and eating more protein go hand in hand. We know that by doing exercise training, your muscles are broken down. It is proteins which build back your muscles.

Your protein intake becomes extremely important and essential when you do the harder amount of lifting workout sessions.

It is recommended to the weight lifters that they should eat 0.25 to 0.30 grams of protein on a per kilogram basis.

Suppose if you are of 175 pounds, then you should have at least 24 grams of protein at every single meal of yours. You can have four eggs, one scoop of protein powder and one cup of Greek yogurt.

Another important thing, to build muscles, you should be consuming more calories and do not become a calorie deficient person.

Building muscles mean that you want to gain weight and not to lose it. So consume more and more calories on every single day.

A calorie deficient person loses the tendency and potential to build strong new muscles. On a per day basis, you can have 250 to 500 extra calories.

3. Sleep More and have casein protein before going to bed

Build Muscles

Apart from getting the right amount of nutrition, your muscles need something else as well. That is sleeping! You should be sleeping roughly for eight hours every single night.

This routine will recover your muscles strongly and greatly. It is proved that when you sleep, then your body usually releases the human growth hormone.

This hormone helps you to grow muscles and at the same time, it keeps the balanced levels of stress hormone cortisol all in check.

If you will sleep for five hours, then your muscle building testosterone levels will cut down by 10% to 15%.

By consuming casein protein before going to bed, you will be able to build your muscles easily and in less time. This is a popular remedy among all bodybuilders.

Note that this casein protein absorbs right into your bloodstream and keep your muscles all fed with the essential amount of amino acids.

By consuming and having casein protein before going to bed, your muscles will remain to buildup all night long. In this protein type, milk, Greek yogurt, and cheese are included.

4. Supplementing With Creatine and HMB

Build Muscles

You can supplement your diet with creatine and HMB as well. HMB is a natural compound which is simply produced and developed in the human body.

This is termed as beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. This compound prevents the process of muscle-protein breakdown. It encourages all processes of muscle growth. It too speeds up exercise recovery procedures.

Food alone cannot build your muscles, you have to take and consume other essential supplements too. Bodybuilders can have HMB and along with that, they should be taking high-intensity kind of lifting exercises.

This routine will be significantly improving their muscle strength and also their size.

Creatine is too a natural compound. It promotes your muscle growth on an effective note. At the same time, it boosts your high-intensity lifting workout performances. Supplementing creatine, it means that you will be able to lift 14% more reps.


Better remain patient during your muscle growing and building process. Share your feedback with us too if you will follow these scientifically proven ways of toning and boosting your muscles strength and size.

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