4 Best Places to Watch Free Movies Online – 2018

Internet development brings social circles closer and shortens the distance between people. Also, the internet is great entertainment. You can search for your favorite movies to have fun over the weekend, for example. Despite the ease of the internet, its inconvenience also exists. It is easy to find some sites to watch movies online, but it is difficult to know which sites to watch free movies Online are the best.

Since the Internet connection gave us the possibility to watch movies in lines, much stopped going to the movies so regularly. This is because the cinema has a limited list of productions, while in cyberspace the films are innumerable.

Also, it’s free. If you know how to search it is not necessary to download them, you only need to get to the correct site where you can see them online. From recently released films to documentaries or films of yesteryear. It’s all online. If you do not want to pay anything to watch movies, your only options are not the pirate services that we all know, nor the free Netflix month that, sure, you already spent.

Online Movies

There are many options to watch online movies without paying anything. Before you say it: its fine. You will find the latest Hollywood releases, and the vast majority of popular movies are going to be there. But being free does not mean that the content you are going to find is pure garbage. Surely, in the midst of the heaps of forgettable movies that are out there, you’re sure to catch something worthwhile. So, put to heat the pirate corn, look for a comfortable armchair and get ready to enjoy all the movies you can see on the internet without paying anything.

In this list, you will find some sites with an online library that from the last releases to 1980s tapes and others with more select options if you want to see a documentary or cinema art. On the other hand, if you have Netflix or Hulu, remember that there are tricks to change the IP address and visit these sites as if you were from another country, and thus have access to a wider list of movies.


This service of Sony Pictures to watch free movies has enough muscle behind. Not only because it has apps for iOS, Android, Xbox One and 360, PS3, PS4 and Apple TV, but also because its catalog has some pretty resizable tapes, like ‘Donny Darko’ or ‘Hurt Locker’, which won the Oscar for best film in 2011.


There are also series, such as ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’, one of the projects of Jerry Seinfeld. Of course, next to these films there are bad movie classics, like the ‘Street Fighter’ movies and dozens of films that never made it to theaters. But if you explore, you will surely find several things that are worthwhile.

Snag films

This excellent service allows you to watch free movies from independent cinema. You can explore by categories, or browse freely. As in these services, among the tapes that do not promise much there is one or another tape that is very worthwhile: after all, you are not paying anything.

Snag films

Among the more than 18,000 films that are available to view and download there are some well-known films, such as Charlie Chaplin’s “The Tramp”; ‘Nanook’, Black Panther (recently release movies), a film classic starring an Eskimo boy, or ‘Doctor Kaligari’s Cabinet’, a 1920 German film considered crucial in the history of cinema. You have many options to watch free movies.


YouTube is the largest site to share videos and allows you to watch free videos without registration. You can send your own videos, you can download YouTube videos. A good free site to watch comedy movies, horror, releases, etc.


Here there is no piracy and usurpation of copyright. All you’ll find here are films and documentaries that are public domain or that were released for free. This site is very easy to use to watch movies online for free. This has a good reputation for its quick updates, allowing you to watch free movies of 2018 easily.

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