Walmart Affiliate Program How to Join and How Much Can You Make

If you are in search of joining the Walmart affiliate program then you are at the right place. Today, we will help you out by explaining everything about it. All the info provided here is authentic and will for sure be of great use.

People are quite familiar with Walmart. This chain of departmental stores offers a wide range of items. In other words, you can get almost everything under one roof. Either it be groceries, daily usable products or lifestyle items.

And coming towards the Walmart affiliate program that has its own set of benefits. So dig in to know more about it and how to use it for your benefits.

Let’s get started!

What is Walmart Affiliate Program?

Walmart Affiliate Program

An affiliate program lets one put up links and ads of a certain site. In this case, banner ads or links are the sources to refer the customers to Walmart.

So with every click on the link shared by you, there is a commission. The visitor can visit the store or buy an item or only look at the banner ads. Any of these actions provide you with a reward in the form of commission.

As the number of purchases rises, you get more money. Joining the Walmart Affiliate Program helps one to add those links and preview them.

Though many things make this program unique, one such thing is its referral window. It has a 3-day referral window. Along with last-click credit policy.

In case one wants to get paid as soon as possible, they still have to wait a bit. Approx. 60 days until they get the money. This may seem to be a long time as compared to any other program.

How to Join Walmart Affiliate Program?

Join Walmart Affiliate Program

You can follow some easy steps to join this program. There are no initial payments involved when you join it. So who won’t like a free program?

  • A first and most important step is to join Walmart’s affiliate. Only then you would be able to join the program.
  • Next, visit and select the application link to sign-up for its membership.
  • Here you will have to enter the name, address, location, URL and some more info.
  • Now, as you have signed up. The site will approve you as a member in a short period.
  • Last, you will get different text links from them and some banner ads. These will be then posted on your site.

As you post those links, your social family will be for sure attracted and would respond. And with every single click, you will get the commission. Further, if someone buys any product the commission in then confirmed.

How Much Can You Make?

Walmart Affiliate

Though this program is a great way to generate good amount of money. Yet it also depends on how much response those links got. You will need some clicks on them to earn up the commission. Each product comes with its separate commission plan.

In the case of banner ads, if you shared a product worth $98 and someone clicked on the link. Then they visited the store and bought the product. So with this selling here are things you will get:

  • earn 4% commission on various products of clothing
  • get 10% commission on contact lenses
  • get 4% on health care, home, registry, gifts, and jewelry
  • 1% commission on movies and electronics

At first, these rates may seem to be fewer. But as soon as you get more clients and clicks the numbers shoot up. So the only way to boost these numbers is to attract more people in purchasing the products.

And another important factor is that Walmart itself is a trusted company. It has customers all around the globe that rely on Walmart for various products. If you want to achieve more than try to entice the clients. Try to target the right audience so you can get a healthy commission.


So go and try this program for yourself to get a handful of commission on each sale.

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