How to Use Instagram Stories? – A Step by Step Guide

Stories are a great way to get the attention of the people. Similar is the case with Instagram. Instagram stories are a great way to get higher engagement rates and get the number of following. In the current topic, we will cover the areas of how to use Instagram stories in a number of ways. 

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Using Instagram Stories we can create photos and videos and those photos and videos disappear after 24 hours. Instagram stories are also helping a lot for millions of businesses where they can get a direct message to engage with their audience. In this article, I will share with you how to become Instagram famous using Instagram stories

1- How do I Post an Instagram Story?

When you are a switch to a business account, then it is the time to market your business in the form of stories. You should have quality content to use on Instagram stories. You can post an Instagram story by open the Instagram application, then tap the camera icon at the top-left corner. Now you can select the format you want at the bottom of your screen. If you want to upload a picture, then tap the white circle and for video, hold the white circle.

2- How to add Hashtags to Your Instagram Story

Hashtags are a great way of getting higher engagement rates as most of the people search for hashtags. First of all, create a picture or a video then click the icon which is on the top-right. At the center of the screen, a cursor appears on the screen.

You can also adjust the location, size or color of the cursor. Then tap the symbol # and then you can write your hashtags in the form of a word or a sentence. Then press the RETURN button. Don’t use the plenty of hashtags as it will drop the interaction rate.

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3- How to Add Location to Your Instagram story

There are certain locations around the world that have their own stories. Also, some people use the location tags but if you want to add a location story then just create a photo or a video, a folded smiley will appear, tap it, a large number of stickers will appear. Then tap the location sticker and select the area where you have taken the photo or video.

4- How to add a pole to Your Instagram Stories

The viewers can have the chance to answer the binary question through these polls. These are actually interactive stickers. The marketers use this incredible tool in their stories to get higher engagement rates and collect valuable quantitative data.

Firstly create a photo or video, a folded smiley icon will appear at the top of the screen. Tap it. Then select the poll and type the question. You can also add the text in the Yes or No field below. Your followers will participate in the poll by answering the question and ultimately get higher engagement rates.

5- On the Scene Stories

On the Scene, Stories are a great way to get higher engagement rates and they are very popular all over the world. You can use the pictures of different events, conventions, and conferences at the spot as on the scene stories. Your followers will take more interest if you create the scene stories.

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6- Tutorial Stories

You can teach different things and techniques related to your brand in the stories. These are called tutorial stories. For example, if you have a cosmetic brand then you can add the tutorial stories about how to use that particular cosmetic of your brand.

7- Run a Stories Ad

What an easy way to run an ad in your Instagram stories. So you can stand out in the competition of brands. Stories in the form of ads can bring the higher number of the audience towards your profile and your business will expand by using ads in stories.

Instagram hyper-targeted ad platform via stories has brought many brands to a higher level of success. Besides Instagram Ads, there are a lot of other tools available that can grow your Instagram account such as, Like growers Instagram Auto Liker tool that can help you to grow very fast on Instagram. 

8- Behind the Scene Stories

You can share your experience in the form of behind the scene stories and this type of story is a more authentic and deeper look into the stories. The audience feels special and fantastic behind the scene stories. The fans are compelled to view the story and react to it as behind the scene stories revealed.

9- Give Shoutouts to Followers

Instagram stories are a medium where you can speak directly to your followers. So, the Instagram story is a casual medium. Shoutout means you can ask your followers to post a story wearing your brand or with a brand.

For example, if you have a brand of clothes, you can ask your followers to add a story wearing your t-shirt or a pant. Hence shoutouts are another way to get the number of followers towards your account Pro Wheel Rim Protector.

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10- Managing Your Instagram Stories

You can check that who can view your story and when you click the cog in the top left, and then you can also check who is sending you messages. You can also download your own story to your camera roll, you can upload the story in the Instagram feed, and you can also take the story for deletion. You can also view how many people watch your story. Visit means how many people have visited people by just clicking on the user name Craigslist.

Final Words

Engagement has been so perfect using Instagram stories. The brands and businesses are incomplete without stories as you can add a photo or a video in Instagram stories. You can add the hashtags in your stories to make your post more popular.

You can add the filters. You can add a sticker to your Instagram stories. You can also check the views on Instagram stories. You can also delete your story if you are feeling that this story is not impressive.

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