6 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Singapore

No doubt that Singapore has always been described as a destination which is packed with high-end shopping malls and luxury hotels. This is a country which offers a vibrant history and too diverse sort of ethnic quarters so that its tourists can discover it.


It has so many family-friendly attractions present in it, there are lovely public spaces and an amazing public transportation system. You just have to understand the metro map and then you are ready to explore this country. You will not believe that Singapore is the easiest and also one of the most comfortable countries in terms of traveling so far in Southeast Asia.

Gardens by the Bay

You can catch up the glimpse and complete view of this beautifully styles and designed green space right from the top side of Marina Bay Sands. This is the top-rated tourist attraction in Singapore and you should check it out. If you want to enjoy and look at the vibrant plant life, then this is the great place for you.

Gardens by the Bay

By being at the Gardens by the Bay, you can easily escape yourself from the city hustle and bustle time for few of the moments. Just do not miss out to check out Supertree Grove, here you will be able to find out a bunch and cluster of these iconic, amazing and futuristic structures and these structures are designed so that environmentally sustainable duties functions can be performed.

Then you can head yourself right to the Cloud Forest Dome so that you can view the world’s tallest and indoor waterfall. Details on Pulau Rawa Travel Guide are coming soon.

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Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

It is the world’s best and top-rated rainforest zoo, it is an impressive place which you should check out. It is a clean and inviting looking zoo, all the animals present in this zoo are simply well-treated. There is plenty amount of lush vegetation as well as habitat space in it.

The attractive part of this zoo is that it comprises a large and huge chimpanzee family and zebras, meerkats and too a Komodo dragon, white tigers, kangaroos. It takes around three to four hours to have a complete tour of this zoo. You can even enjoy your time in Night Safari, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

This Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest giant and huge observation wheel. By being on this flyer, you can catch the amazing views, you can directly see the Singapore skyline, Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia’s Straits of Johor. You need to choose a ticket package for yourself and your pampering routine will be based on that ticket package.

The flight time of this flyer last for a time frame of 30 minutes each, it runs from early morning time and then ends late at night.


Philadelphia Chinatown.

There is no doubt that this Singapore’s Chinatown will make you feel as if you are in China! It has these small mom-and-pop kinds of stores, you can enjoy the authentic Chinese food from here. This town is packed with a lot of excitement, thrill, and hustle.

This town has a Chinese Heritage Centre in it and here you can check out the impressive, stunning and beautiful Sri Mariamman Hindu temple. The other temple which you should be checking out, it is this Buddha Tooth Relic temple. If the tourist is going to visit this Chinatown at early morning time then he can get a chance to hear and see the morning drum ceremony.

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Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

This attraction and destination is the center of commerce during the time of 19th century. It has continued to live up to its legacy just as a busy kind of hub. Suppose you are got tired because of the long and tiring shopping time by being on the Orchard Road, then the option for you to relax is to just head and access the Clarke Quay.

Here you will receive the best dining and entertainment experience. The dining time is provided with a waterfront view!

You can check out the historic bridges, landmark sites of Singapore by grabbing the river taxis and cruises from here. This landmarks Merlion from the water is located near to this destination Clarke Quay, so do check that out. One of the biggest hits of this attraction among younger tourists is this giant bungy-jumping kind of attraction, it is an adrenaline-packed thrilling ride.

Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore park is classified into four sections. Its Leopard Trail has leopards, lions and flying foxes, civets, porcupines.

Then its Fishing Cat Trail has fish-loving felines and pangolin, binturong. Moving to its East Lodge Trail, it is featured with Malayan tigers, spotted hyenas. Lastly, its Wallaby Trail has marsupials of Australia.


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