Tor Browser Review

Tor Browser ReviewInternet privacy has become one of the serious concerns these days. Your home network might be the favorite destination of internet spies. If this is the case then your personal information is not at all safe. Whatever you do on your computer system can be easily tracked. You need an extra privacy. The same is the case when you try to access the hidden web. A lot of internet spies might try to enter into your computer system and try to steal your personal information and data. Tor browser can turn out to be a great solution when you are accessing the deep web sites, especially the dark web. If you are the one who wants to browse the deep web, check out this guide to access dark web safely.

Let’s go through this Tor browser review and learn more about it.

What is Tor?

Tor is a free anonymity network that allows the user to access the internet anonymously. Unlike the VPN, where VPN provider knows your real IP address and can easily monitor your internet traffic on its VPN server, the Tor routes your signal through different nodes, where each node knows the IP address of the node which is behind it and in front of it. So, no one will be able to track the complete path between your computer and the website you are trying to connect to. Read the complete Tor Browser review to learn about its history and other facts.

Tor History

Tor is the acronym of ‘The Onion Router’ which was developed by the US Navy. It was given the name of Onion Router because of its layered data encryption that is re-encrypted several numbers of times while passing through different nodes randomly. Tor is considered as the safest way to access the internet if you really want to keep your identity hidden.

The Tor is endorsed by different civil liberties groups including EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). It has been appreciated for allowing the dissidents, human rights workers, and the whistleblowers to access the internet freely, talk to the journalists, express their views, and get involved in political activities that have been banned by their own oppressive regimes.

Moreover, it also allows the criminals to act with impunity, and also allows the access to the dark web market. The website Silk Road only works when you are connected to the Tor Browser. Those who are worried about the internet anonymity should go through this Tor browser review.

How Tor Browser Works?

The Tor passes the data between numbers of nodes randomly encrypting it each time. Each node knows from where the signal has arrived and where it will be delivered but fails to track the complete route. Due to the efficiency reasons, the relay circuits are randomly reset after every 10 minutes so that the actions cannot be linked to the previous actions. Each node on Tor Browser is run by a volunteer. The more the volunteers will be the secure the network will be.

Installing the Tor browser on your Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux/Unix PC is an easy process. You just need to download the Tor Browser according to system requirements and install it. After the installation, you can open up the browser and get ready to browse through the internet anonymously.

Tor Browser Interface

Further, in the tor Browser review, you will come to know about the interface of the Tor Browser which is very similar to that of Firefox having some necessary add-ons installed in it. The browser is tailored to block the non-HTML content on the web. The green onion button towards the left of the address bar allows you to see the network settings.

Tor browser makes the existing privacy and security tools simpler to use. You can block the JavaScript and image types if you want complete anonymity while using the Tor browser. Everything that you do on this browser is tested for the anonymity before. You must avoid adding the additional browser add-ons to it to maintain the anonymity.

Tor Browser Speed

Tor Browser review further tells about the speed and the performance of the browser. The browsing speed on the Tor browser is far much slower than the normal browser. As the data is routed through different nodes, the speed ultimately becomes slower. Tor is constantly working to improve its technology to maximize the speed and this is the reason why new updates to the browser are launched by the developers. You can even try different alternatives to the Tor browser if you are much concerned about the speed of browsing or switch to a VPN network.

But if you can switch to the VPN network, the VPN provider can easily track your IP address and can check the traffic on the exit node (VPN server), though many of them still claim to delete the server logs.

Over to You

Tor browser is a handy browser that can help you out in accessing the internet and the hidden web with complete anonymity. You can access the deep web, especially the dark web with complete anonymity. Hope you have learned enough about the Tor browser in this Tor Browser review. So, browse through the web without revealing your identity to anyone.

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