Top Seven Ways to Take Care of a Mattress

Some types of furniture, such as couches, must be comfortable because you tend to sit on them every day. Additionally, because of their importance, you must care for them by not having things spilled on them and by ensuring they do not wear thin. However, other types of furniture, such as mattresses, are critical because people spend a third of their lives sleeping on them. Consequently, it is absolutely important that you take care of your mattress in terms of ensuring it remains clean and supportive.

Top 7 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

1. Flip

Over time, your weight on one side of the mattress can create an indentation that causes you to always sleep in the same exact position. Additionally, the indentation can cause someone sleeping next to you to dip toward you. Worse, when two people sleep on the mattress, you end up with two indentations. To protect against this, you can flip your mattress over. Doing so will position the indentations on the opposite sides of the people sleeping on the mattress, helping to create a more uniform surface. Also, the underside of the mattress will flatten out a bit to help repair the indentation.

2. Rotate

Similar to how flipping the mattress reorients the indentations to the people sleeping on it, rotating the mattress allows you another way to reorient the indentations. Rotating is especially helpful because people’s upper bodies generally weigh more than their lower bodies. Consequently, there is less of an indentation at the foot of the bed. Rotating the bed allows the foot of the bed to become the head of the bed, and the result is a much more supportive sleeping experience and a more uniform mattress.

3. Cover

Covering the mattress with a plastic cover will protect it from spills. However, this is an extreme way to protect a mattress. Less extreme ways to cover it include covering it with a mattress pad. In fact, some mattress pads are also waterproof. The most common way to protect your mattress is to cover it with a fitted sheet. You can even cover it with a second fitted sheet, which will ensure very little can get through to stain or wear the mattress.

4. Vacuum

As time passes, dust, dirt, and skin cells accumulate on the mattress. Although this type of debris is often unnoticeable, it can lead to a smelly mattress that cannot be easily cleaned. To prevent this, you should vacuum the mattress regularly. First, you should remove all covers. Second, you should run a hand vacuum over the mattress, making sure to hit all the surface areas and seams. During the vacuuming process, it is important to flip the mattress and vacuum the underside.

5. Clean

Even without actually staining the mattress, the mattress will eventually look and smell old. Cleaning it with a mattress-safe spray and damp rag will bring it back to life, so to speak, and ensure it smells fresh and clean. When cleaning the mattress, it is extremely important to leave it uncovered until it has time to dry. Drying time can range from 10 minutes to one hour. Immediately covering the mattress without letting it dry adequately might result in mildew.

Additionally, it is important to wash your sheets. Unwashed sheets can transfer the smell of the people’s sweat into the mattress. Because you cannot actually throw a mattress in the washer, it is difficult to get the smell out of a mattress once it is in there. Consequently, it is important to care for bedding accessories before they impact the mattress.

6. Avoid

Sometimes taking care of a mattress depends on what you do not do. For instance, you should not eat on your mattress or use it as a couch. Doing so will create divots in the mattress that are difficult to fix even if you rotate or flip the mattress. Additionally, there is more of a chance of spilling something on your bed if you eat in bed. Other things to avoid include allowing your dog or cat to scratch the material or sleep in your bed.

7. Temperature

High temperatures can create humidity in a room, and humidity can lead to mildew and a musty smell. To ensure your mattress smells clean, keep the humidity in the room to 40 percent, and keep the temperature below 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

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