Top 5 Places To Visit Holland

Your visit to Holland has to include the capital city Amsterdam. However there are a few other thrilling sites to see in Holland. From the classic windmills and magnificent fields of the flowers there is so much to see. You can enjoy the historic town centers laden with the museums and some sights. Holland has a lot to offer the visitors. You can enjoy the trip with the best tactical sling backpack. Here’s a list of top 5 places to visit holland:

1.      Gouda:

Gouda happens to be a typical Dutch city. It has a lot of old buildings and very pretty canals. This can be a popular destination if you want a day trip. It is all thanks to great rail and highway connections.  You can enjoy the cheese in the city and the syrup waffles as well. You can find many clay pipes and candles to your amusement. The attractions in the city include the fascinating 15th century town hall. You may add to that the amazing glass windows of St.Janskerk.

2.      Rotterdam:

This place was once a 13th century fishing village. Now Rotterdam is Holland’s most modern city till date. It is of course very bike friendly like Amsterdam. You may find several historic districts to explore as well. The popular place Delfshaven district is the place from which the pilgrims launched sail. And it took place in 1620. Now the summertime festivals and the carnivals can attract you. A lot of nearby Europeans visit these places every year. One of the most popular visitor stop is the Museum Bojimans Van Beuningen. Artworks are at display for you to enjoy there.

3.      Groninjen:

This is a culturally diverse university city. It maybe small but also boasts of two colleges. So it makes that the main place for visiting in the northern parts of Holland. A special mention can go out to the arts, business and the education of the place. If you love museums then you will not tire in Groninjen. In fact, the Groninjer Museum is a very innovative and modern museum in Holland. You can also find a graphical museum a comic museum and also a maritime museum. For the high population there is arrangement of nightlife hotspots.

4.      Harleem:

This is the center of the tulip bulb-growing district. Harleem has been unofficially dubbed as Bloemenstad. So it is naturally the home to the Annual Bloemencorso Parade. It is a quiet bedroom community. And it lies along the shoreline of Spaarne River where you get to see numerous intact medieval structures. Visitors get to enjoy shopping in Harleem and can pursue stunning architecture as well.

5.      Utrecht:

The rich Middle Age history seen is Utrecht is mesmerizing. And it is apparent in the city’s architecture. The most unique feature you can see is the inner canal wharf system. This was created to stave off the parts of Rhine River from invading city center. Utrecht’s claim to fame is backed by the largest college in Holland.

There are other interesting places to visit as well.

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