Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

Finding the best apps for photo editing that you can use on your iPhone can be quite a challenging job. And, that’s simply because there are a plethora of options available in the app store and you don’t seem to decide at any point exactly which app would be your best fit. Here we have listed top 5 photo editing apps that you can use on your iPhone for professional grade photo editing. And, all you are left with now is to browse your pictures and start editing them. If you don’t have any pictures saved on your device, just download the ones saved on iCloud by following the guide at and reveal your creative self by editing your photos. So, let’s check out the best apps and just get started with it.


1. Snapseed


It is among the most famous apps for photo editing on iPhone and offers lots of features that are worth investing in. It is simple to use and also offers the power you need while editing your photos professionally with some of the best editing tools around. Name any basic technique for photo processing and you will find it in Snapseed be it exposure, sharpening, color, straightening, cropping, etc.

The app also features some advanced editing capabilities as well like selective adjustments or healing tool to remove any undesirable objects from the images. Besides, the app gives you access to some amazing filters that can be used for making the photos look different and standout with cool effects, textures and enhancements. So, if you’re just starting out, use this photo editor to begin with photo editing on your iPhone.



VSCOIt is yet another famous app for photo editing on iPhone. While it works as camera and also as a platform for sharing photos, the rich filters that it offers gives you a user-friendly editing experience along with some of the best photo editing tools around.

Unlike other popular photo editing apps, the filters in VSCO are not overpowering and garish rather the presets in this app are designed for emulating modern and classic analog films. Most of the app’s filters offer soft and slightly faded appearance and ensure that your photos get popular quickly on platforms like Instagram.

What’s even better is that you have the choice to adjust every filter’s strength for matching your specific taste. VSCO also gives you access to some of the most effective adjustment and editing tools that can help you fine-tune all your images.


3. Enlight

EnlightEnlight combines some of the most basic as well as advanced photo editing tools and also gives you access to more artistic and whimsical effects to get creative when you start editing your photos on iPhone.

With Mask tool different effects can be applied to certain areas of the image while the remaining parts of the photo remain untouched. With plenty of wonderful features,the app has to offer, you might need some time to fully master using it. However, every tool is quite intuitive and works perfectly to give you desired effects. Furthermore, the in-built Help feature of the app is probably the best one available in all the photo editors around.

So, whether you plan to make a couple of simple edits to your photos or want to design your artistic masterpiece, you can do it with Enlight.


4. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouchJust as the name suggests, this app allows you to perfectly retouch your photos on iPhone to create something special. There are many apps around these days that let you remove the undesirable elements from your photos but this app does it at its best because it’s tailored to do just that.

With a tap of your finger, it is possible to highlight objects quite easily and remove them as you like. After that the selection is removed automatically by the app and the area is replaced with pixels that are in surrounding area.


5. AfterFocus

AfterFocusIf you love to share your beautiful photos on social media, you’d know a couple of tricks that can make them pure attention-grabbers. With AfterFocus, you can do that easily as the app is designed specifically for imitating field effect’s shallow depth which is usually achieved through close-up photography or DSLR cameras only. What this effect does is to put the subject to focus while blurring the entire background. With AfterFocus, you can achieve the effect in quite a user-friendly manner.

All you have to do is to mark your foreground and the background areas with a tap of a finger and the app then blurs your selected background automatically. A more natural bokeh effect can then be added where background highlights have hexagons or soft circles.

So, with all these great photo editing app options available to iPhone users, you should not look any further for fulfilling your photo editing requirements. Just choose one you deem fit and start editing your photos like never before.

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