Top 5 Luxury Yachts in the World

Top 5 Luxury Yachts in the WorldIt has become a trend among richest people of the world to invest millions and even more than that on buying luxuries that normal people like us can only dream of. One of the top luxuries among multi-millionaires in today’s time is Yacht. They do not mind throwing money on a lavish super sized mega yacht which they just use for parties or corporate meetings occasionally.

If you have been dreaming of cruising the world in a ultra luxury yacht, then the list below is definitely what you were looking for. We have listed down the top 5 luxury Yachts in the world which are available for charter.

If you are looking for a medium sized yacht.


History Supreme

This Yacht is the most luxurious and the most expensive yacht that was ever constructed. “It was designed by world-renowned UK luxury designer and it took it about 3 years to complete the yacht”. This yacht is owned by a Malaysian business tycoon which was purchased in a staggering amount of $4.5 billion dollars. This yacht has the most outstanding features which make it the magnificent yacht that it is. “Mala Yachts make sure you are provided with the best services to enliven your chartering experience. With a fleet designed for excellent performance, we ensure that all the dream destinations of Dubai come your way to make your vacation like a dream come true”.

Lady Moura

“This beauty is owned by a Saudi Arabia businessman and it is famous for its unique sand-covered hydraulic platform that slides out of one side of the yacht which can be adjusted to sit right at the waterline”. It has its name written on the outside with 24-carat gold lettering which has made it very much recognizable. This super luxury yacht has a giant space to accommodate 30 guests onboard.

Al Khan

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, Al Khan yacht totally makes it to the top of the list. This mega luxury yacht is one of the most beautiful yachts in the world. Its intricate design, sleek structure, and ample space are what it makes it on our list. It is encapsulated with subtle beauty and amazingly magnificent features. It is equipped with spacious upper and main deck, highly beautiful wooden flooring and perfectly hued surrounding. The good news is it is available for charter in Mala, which is one of the best yacht rental Dubai websites in the world.

Al Mirqab

This Yacht is built by a German designer who has crafted it to perfection. It is the second most beautiful yacht in the world and it got completed in 2008. On board, this luxury liner is ten suites, which can accommodate up to 24 guests, each with an accompanying bathroom, living room and double bedroom. The fortunate owner has two VIP rooms for himself and there are 55 rooms to house the members of the crew. Highlights of the Al Mirqab super yacht include the onboard cinema, sun deck, pool, and helipad, as well as outside bars, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a range of water sports equipment.

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