Tips for Buying Car at an Auction House

Buying at an auction is a preferred method by public these days. Firstly, because buying used vehicles from an auction house costs cheaper than when buying at a dealership or from a distributor. However, buying from an auction is not all gold. You still have to be able to know things such as navigating an auction in order to secure for yourself the best deal.

In this article we have listed down few steps whereby you can purchase a vehicle from Japan car auction house and without further ado, here they go:

Stay honest with yourself

By being honest means that you are able to deal with the mechanical problems that may arise and are part and parcel of buying a car, then only proceed. Otherwise, do not try to convince yourself of something you don’t have the stomach for.

Getting the car on the road is all about bumping into challenges and there is only one way past them – that is to face them directly. Do not make the mistake of buying a cheap transportation means and instead settling for expensive repairs.

Keep your eyes open

This is a pretty simple advice. Always keep your eyes open to whatever is going on when bidding and participating in an auction. By means of this, you can spot obvious signs for repairs such as a paint overspray job, puddles under the car, uneven alignment, and various other minute details, if only you look.

Also not just eyes but make use of your nose and limbs as well. If you smell or sense a car as being musty or if the carpeting is wet, steer clear of it.

Still, don’t believe everything you see

Polish and touchup jobs come cheap and are easy, so beware! They may appear as legit but they may not be necessary. This usually happens in public auctions that cars are rubbed with paint up to a point so much so that they give off a real vibe. Thus, remember it may be a mirage and when you will actually bring it home, the reality will set in. The car you thought you bought was never really there.

Take note of the VIN

VIN stands for vehicle identification number and it is advisable to take note of VIN for any car that is on your radar or that you may be thinking of buying. You can look for it under the windshield of a particular car you are eyeing.

Having taken note of it while inspecting the car, look for that VIN on other places in that car such as the door or where trunk lid stickers are. Now if you notice that the VIN is not same then it is clear, the car has been in an accident at some point in time. That too in a major one and thus, had to be rebuilt. Continue with browsing from among other cars.

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